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Welcome to the very first edition of
Dave’s IM Product Reviews!


I can point to self-education as one of the primary reasons for my success.

My attitude is, “If I just discover one little nugget that helps me improve my business, it will be worth it”.

And, because of this belief in self-education, (and because I like being on the leading edge of new marketing ideas) I am always buying and reviewing new internet marketing training products.

But, I am very specific and targeted about the products I personally buy / review for my own business.

Usually, there is a specific reason that I buy / review a product, and it is not always for the reason that the seller is putting forth. (You’ll see this – as you read through these reviews)

The goal of this newsletter is to inform you about the ACTUAL products I am buying or reviewing and WHY I decided to buy or review those products. You’ll also see ratings and advice as to who each product is good for. This way, you’ll be able to make informed decisions for your own business.

Enjoy the reviews!

Dave Espino

urgent arbitrage cash
Product Name: Urgent Arbitrage Cash

Subject: How to use an exciting new arbitrage technique on eBay, Etsy or Amazon to make $3000 a month, quickly and easily.

Why I bought this product:

There’s a special place in my heart for products that show you how to make money on eBay and Amazon. I buy these because eBay and Amazon get so much traffic and there are many ways to tap into that traffic so as to make easy money. That’s what this product is all about – making easy money by tapping into massive, existing Amazon and eBay traffic. I’m also always interested in new product sourcing strategies and this one highlights one, very powerful one!

Pros / Cons:

Pros: This product shows you a super-easy way to find killer products that you can sell “before you buy them”

This way, you have ZERO money invested in merchandise and therefore have zero risk. This also means you can create as many of these income streams as you want.

Cons: The only issue I had with this product (very minor issue) was that parts of the report are poorly written, but it’s still quite easy to understand.

Benefits: (taken from sales copy)

You don’t even buy the merchandise UNTIL IT ACTUALLY SELLS on eBay, Etsy or Amazon. So, once, you’ve sold the item, THEN you order it and have it delivered (digitally or shipped) to your new customer!

This amazing method requires:


Dave’s Rating Of Urgent Arbitrage Cash: (scale of 1 – 5)


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Youtube Card Trick
Product Name: YouTube Card Trick

Subject: How to use the new “YouTube Cards” to drive traffic to your website, Amazon products or other web property.

Why I bought this product:

I’m always interested in new and exciting ways to do YouTube marketing because I’ve received tons of free traffic from my YouTube videos. YouTube Cards is a new and exciting way to create little ads on your YouTube videos and then drive that YouTube traffic to your own website. (or other web property)

I was specifically interested in how the author, Melanie Fine, shows us how to do bulk edits of our YouTube Cards as well as Annotations. Because of this product, I have now bulk-edited most of my videos to include YouTube cards and to drive free YouTube traffic to my own Udemy courses!

Pros / Cons:

Pros: Melanie is a great teacher and shows you, step-by-step, how to create and use YouTube Cards to drive free YouTube traffic to your own website.

Cons: While the information you get is excellent, Melanie’s teaching style is just a little bit on the dry side.

Benefits: (taken from sales copy)

In this 7-Video Training Course, you will discover:

  • How to Use YouTube cards from the ground-up, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned YouTube marketer
  • How to use YouTube cards to add a “subscribe” link to your YouTube channel (YouTube doesn’t have such a link, but I figured it out anyway)
  • How to link to your Amazon products (again, for some reason, YouTube doesn’t want to us to link to Amazon through YouTube cards)
  • How to track your YouTube card links so you know which videos are sending you the most traffic
  • How to add YouTube cards to one video, and copy them automatically to any or all of your other videos in seconds (this alone saved me 10 hours – what could YOU do with ten hours??)

Dave’s Rating Of YouTube Card Trick: (scale of 1 – 5)


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the big buck method
Product Name: The Big Buck Method

Subject: How to create gigs on that you sell so you can make an extra $50 – $100 a day.

Why I bought this product:

I’m always interested in any marketplace where there is “built in traffic” and is one of those marketplaces where I’ve made some good money recently.

I bought this product because I was looking for new and interesting gigs that I could offer – gigs that would be quick & easy to fulfill on Fiverr.

Pros / Cons:

Pros: If you’ve never made money on Fiverr, then this is a great training for you. Two specific tricks that I got out of this product were 1. How to quickly find hot gigs to sell and 2. How to get a larger amount of traffic to your gigs.

Cons: Other than those two tricks, this product is really geared toward the beginner, so if you’ve already sold on Fiverr or are familiar with how to do so, then I would suggest NOT buying this product.

Benefits: (taken from sales copy)

Each time you follow our 6-step system, you are setting up a brand-new income source that’s going to make you money every single day.

Dave’s Rating Of The Big Buck Method (scale of 1 – 5)


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simple cpa profits

Product Name: Simple CPA Profits

Subject: How to make up to $300 per day by promoting CPA offers in 20 minutes a day.

Why I bought this product:

The main reason I bought this product is because I am always looking for new paid traffic sources and this product promised that.

I was not disappointed – featured inside this product are two exciting new ways to get traffic.

Pros / Cons:

Pros: This is a comprehensive explanation of how the authors make up to $300 a day with just a little bit of effort. This training shows you how to make money using CPA (cost per action) business opportunity (biz opp) offers. (CPA is similar to affiliate offers) But the two traffic sources mentioned inside can be helpful for driving traffic to any biz opp offers – not just CPA offers.

I bought this product strictly to find out about the two traffic sources and I’m glad I did. These are two GREAT traffic sources that I will be using to drive traffic to my work from home sales funnels!

Cons: This is a fairly advanced product for advanced internet marketers who are familiar with and who know how to promote CPA offers. For beginners or intermediate marketers, this product might be too advanced.

Benefits: (taken from sales copy)

How to dominate one of the biggest marketplaces by infiltrating one “Profitable” offer that will almost print money for you on a daily basis.

I will be showing you a 6 figure template that will help you turn a failing campaign into profitable winner.

Learn the simple strategies that will take you from $0 to $300 plus days and do it within the next 7 days.

Dave’s Rating Of Simple CPA Profits (scale of 1 – 5)

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