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How To Build An Ongoing, Recurring Income From Your Ecommerce Business

By admin | August 3, 2016 | Comments Off on How To Build An Ongoing, Recurring Income From Your Ecommerce Business
Do you have an ecommerce business and want to ramp it up massively?
Well, this is a HOT, NEW and almost unheard-of way to do ecommerce so that you build ongoing streams of income from your ecommerce business…
Jon, who created this video training, had been doing ecommerce the “normal way” for years, until he decided to kick it up a notch by adding an ongoing, recurring business model to his ecommerce business.
Let me ask you:
* Do you ever get tired of “one and done” sales?
* Do you like “starting over” each and every month with your ecommerce business?
* Do you wish there was a way to do ongoing business with each of your customers so that you don’t have to find new customers and new merchandise all the time?
Then, this just may be the answer!
Over the last several years, Jon has earned $17 million in PROFIT (after expenses) using this system, so you know it is proven to work.
In fact, every month, Jon wakes up with the comforting knowledge that he has a certain amount of money coming in – day in and day out – because he has lots of clients paying him monthly…
Wouldn’t you like to have that type of security?
Be sure to jump on this exciting new video training and companion ebook right away.

How to make BANK with hyper-popular licensed merchandise like Pokemon, Star Wars, Music, Celebrities and more.

By admin | July 29, 2016 | Comments Off on How to make BANK with hyper-popular licensed merchandise like Pokemon, Star Wars, Music, Celebrities and more.

What if you could sell official licensed merchandise

from the multi-million dollar brand names that you see below? (And more)



What if you could begin making money in the next few hours?

We’re talking about products that, as soon as fans see them, they MUST HAVE THEM!

I mean, we’re talking about BRAND NAMES that have millions (and sometimes BILLIONS of dollars invested into their creation!)

Talk about selling to a hungry crowd…

With the recent Pokemon Go craze, do you think you MIGHT be able to sell some Pokemon Go cell phone covers, shirts, backpacks, or just about ANYTHING with that Yellow and Blue logo on it?

What about Star Trek? With the release of Star Trek Beyond, (great movie, by the way) do you think there might be some Trekkers who would jump on a new Star Trek t-shirt, mug or phaser at warp speed?

Do you think there are any Walking Dead fans out there, just “dying” for the next season to start and who would “gobble up” any authentic, licensed Walking Dead merchandise?

You’re darn right, they would!

How would you like to be able to offer all kinds of merchandise from the most popular music / bands, movies, video games, comics, celebrities, candy / food brands, and the list goes on and on?

The BIG SECRET to having this kind or marketing POWER is that you are dealing ONLY in OFFICIALLY LICENSED MERCHANDISE.

There is great power in that, because these brands have invested multi-millions in making these names highly desired and in high demand!


Wait till you see the ingenious way
that you’re going to do this business!

  • NO, you won’t be negotiating these licenses yourself. That would cost you millions! (even if you COULD “buy” them… Which you can’t…)
  • NO, you’re not going to be dealing in counterfeits… That’s ILLEGAL and I would never recommend anything that is illegal…
  • NO, you don’t have to pay gigantic licensing fees… That would eat up all the profits!
  • NO, you won’t be listing these on Amazon or eBay.
  • NO, you won’t be doing ANY SHIPPING!

But YES, you WILL be tapping in to these massive audiences

Imagine, making these HIGH-DEMAND products available to RAVING FANS of these famous brands.

Can you say… INSTANT SALES!

This is a powerful combination of 3 or 4 of the BEST ecommerce strategies I’ve ever seen, all put into one simple, easy-to-implement system.

And today, I am proud to recommend Ecom Licensing Exposed to you!

This is the breakthrough NEW video training that is about to BLOW THE DOORS OFF other ecommerce systems, mainly because it is easy to implement and easy to profit with.


You must check it out – watch the video here:




As an added bonus, when you order Ecom Licensing Exposed, you will ALSO get my course on how to find hungry markets and get low-cost traffic using Facebook ads!

This $25 course is a perfect complement to this Ecommerce Licensing Exposed system and is yours as my free gift, just for ordering through my link.

Do not delay – you MUST SEE this powerful NEW way to make money.


It will blow your mind…

Check it out here:


To Your Success,

Dave Espino

PS: I’ve been around the ecommerce world for 17 years and have seen pretty much everything.

When something completely new and totally exciting comes along, I can’t help but want to share it with you.

This is POWERFUL and easy enough for ANYONE to do.

Get this system now and you can begin making money within hours!

Watch the video and get more details here:

Advertising Your Merch by Amazon Shirts Using Proven Facebook Ad Strategies

By admin | April 29, 2016 | Comments Off on Advertising Your Merch by Amazon Shirts Using Proven Facebook Ad Strategies

Proven Facebook Ad Strategies

The new Merch by Amazon program has taken the ecommerce world by storm…

(haven’t heard of Merch by Amazon? Click here to watch my introduction to Merch by Amazon, then come back here to read about an exciting development)


It seems like everyone who hears about it gets extremely excited about putting up some shirt designs and watching the money roll in.

However, it’s not always that easy.

It takes a certain mindset to be successful with Merch by Amazon, and most people, in their rush to “get some shirts up” rush the process and therefore experience poor results.

As in anything, there are smart ways to run your Merch by Amazon business and there are (shall we say) not-so-smart ways!

The smart way is to begin with one thing and one thing only: Begin with what works!

You see, a few years ago, there was a mad t-shirt rush (similar to the Merch by Amazon rush) and it was called Teespring. People made hundreds of thousands of dollars with Teespring and many still are!

With Teespring, you would:


  • Research a passionate market and create a t-shirt for that market
  • Create a Facebook ad campaign that targeted people in that market specifically
  • Run your Facebook ads and, in a short time determine if the ad campaign was a winner or a loser
  • If the campaign was a winner, GREAT! You made hundreds (and as much as tens of thousands of dollars) with ONE t-shirt campaign.
  • If the campaign was a loser, you cut your losses and started the process again with another campaign.


The problem with Teespring, (compared to Merch by Amazon) is that Teespring was like a Kickstarter campaign.

This means that if you didn’t reach the “goal amount” of t-shirts, nobody’s credit cards would be charged, no one would get a t-shirt and the campaign was a loser, meaning that you would not make ANY money.


The great thing about Merch by Amazon,

on the other hand,

is that you don’t have to wait

to sell a certain “goal” number of shirts.


EVERYONE who wants a shirt gets one immediately – thus ensuring that your campaign will be a winner much sooner and more often.

So, imagine if you could run Facebook ads straight to your Merch by Amazon shirts (using the same proven FB ad secrets shared by a successful Teespring seller) and begin profiting immediately and profiting BIG?



  • No more waiting for your shirts to gain traction in the Amazon marketplace.
  • No more waiting to “tier up” to the next level because you are constantly selling shirts.
  • No more frustration at seeing a lack of sales in your Merch by Amazon account every time you check it.


When you get this right,

you will not only have a license to print t-shirts,

you will have a license to print money!


When you get this right, you’ll be running a business that does not depend on Amazon’s search engine, but instead, you will have a business where you’re in control and you determine how much you make – by how many winning campaigns you decide to create!


I believe millionaires will be made with Merch by Amazon…

…by doing it this way.


I just finished reviewing a course (written by a successful Teespring seller) which walks you through the process for being successful with t-shirts and Facebook ads.

What I discovered is that you could literally replace the word “Teespring” with the words “Merch By Amazon” and you have a powerful training showing you exactly how to:

  • Find passionate t-shirt niches
  • Find / create popular, high-demand quotes & t-shirt ideas within those passionate niches
  • Run targeted Facebook ad tests to quickly determine if that market will buy enough shirts to make it a winner
  • Rinse and repeat for more successful campaigns!

I was pleasantly excited that, already in the first few lessons, I had already gained the right steps to make ALL of my Merch by Amazon shirts successful in Amazon’s organic search and am totally excited to implement what I learned about specifically targeting Facebooks ads with shirts people want, not shirts that I think will sell!

I highly recommend this training (created by a successful Teespring seller) for ANY Merch by Amazon seller…

The Teespring info is easily transferable to your Merch by Amazon business and, as with most digital products, this one comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so there is no risk in checking it out.


Click the video below to check out “Ugly Shirts Fortune”


Ugly Shirts Fortune




The Power Of Passive Income

By admin | May 2, 2015 | Comments Off on The Power Of Passive Income

Businesswoman sitting in chair holding laptop with dollar bills

There’s an old saying:

“I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor… and I like rich better!”

I’m going to modify that phrase a bit today…

“I’ve made an hourly wage and I’ve made passive income… and I like passive income better!”

(In fact, I LOVE passive income because of the freedom it creates)

There is NO SUBSTITUTE for having a passive income.

Let me try to put this into words and describe for you what passive income feels like…

  • Passive income is income that comes in whether you work or not – it comes in while you’re driving, while you’re playing, while you’re at church and while you’re at lunch. It comes in while you’re sleeping and while you’re awake. It just keeps coming in, all the time!
  • Passive income is usually created by doing some hard work ONCE, and then seeing the fruits of that hard work for months and months or even years and years to come.
  • Passive income is the opposite of hourly income because with passive income, the number of hours you work (to create the same income) is miniscule!
  • Passive income is created by using one of the most powerful wealth building strategies in the world – LEVERAGE!

Here’s the amazing, powerful and almost magical thing about passive income on the Internet.

Making a passive income online is getting easier each year.

This is because the internet is making it easy to aggregate customers and traffic in one place.

Here are a few examples:

Everyone knows that Amazon and eBay are the clear leaders in ecommerce, with hundreds of millions of members. As the leaders, they are aggregators for mass amounts of traffic – traffic that it would cost you and I a fortune to try to generate on our own.

But they give us access to their traffic “for a small fee”…

Now, when you sell on Amazon and eBay, you are not creating a fully passive income, right? But let’s think about it this way…

Let’s say you buy 1,000 units of an item (wholesale) and then list that product on eBay and Amazon.

Once you list the item on those two sites, the main work is done, because now, the two sites do their part – they send you traffic to your listings and they expose your item to buyers all over the world who are looking for it.

When one of these items sells, you ship it (or if you are using FBA, you have Amazon ship it for you) and you’ve just earned some income.

Can you see how this is an “almost-passive income”?

I call it almost passive because you still have to ship the item, which adds another element of work to the example, but it’s pretty close to passive in the sense that, once you list the item, you are freed up to find more items to resell and do it all over again.

It is a way of leveraging…

Here’s an example of a simple passive income…

Have you ever bought a book in the Amazon Kindle marketplace?

Well, the author of that book earns a passive income every time someone buys their ebook.

And, given Amazon’s huge amount of traffic, this can become a substantial passive income if the book is on a popular topic.

There are people making mid-six-figure incomes by simply writing Kindle books!

So, that’s another great example of a way to create a passive income by tapping into an already existing traffic flow. (Amazon’s Kindle Marketplace)

Here’s one more example…

Discover the easy way to teach online for a passive income.

It’s a passive income I’ve been developing pretty aggressively over the last few months – Udemy.

Udemy is the world’s largest online learning platform and is an amazing source of passive income.

Udemy allows anyone to teach anyone about anything.

So, the way Udemy works is simple – you create and publish a video course on something you’re familiar with or know a lot about.

Once your course is published, you now have access to the over 6 million Udemy students who are looking for new things to learn.

As those students begin buying your course, you begin earning a passive income.

This is truly passive income, where it comes in whether you work that day or not.

It comes in while you’re sleeping (because Udemy students live all over the world) and it comes in all throughout the day, too!

It is amazing and only going to get bigger and better.

But here’s what I LOVE about passive income like Udemy income…

You can build upon past income streams!

For example, once you’ve tasted the initial few hundreds a month of passive income, you will want to create more courses / more income.

Since you already have income coming in from your previous courses, this creates a great opportunity for you to build upon that foundation and grow your income exponentially!

Every new course becomes another income stream, just like every new Kindle book becomes a new income stream.

And there are many different ways to build these passive income streams. Let me list just a few ways here:

Believe me, once you’ve experienced truly passive income, you will not want to work at other forms of income – it truly takes one of the best wealth building tools – LEVERAGE – and makes it work for you.


Want To Teach Online? Udemy’s Top 10 Instructors Generated $17 Million

By admin | February 26, 2015 | Comments Off on Want To Teach Online? Udemy’s Top 10 Instructors Generated $17 Million
Discover the easy way to teach online for a passive income.

Discover the easy way to teach online for a passive income.

If you’ve ever wondered if you could get paid for what you know…

If you’ve ever wondered if you could get paid for the years of experience you’ve developed in a job, sport or a hobby…

…then you’ve got to check out Udemy.

Pronounced YOU-duh-me, Udemy is the world’s largest online learning platform with more than 5 million students and 20,000 courses on just about any topic.

But the real story is in how it is changing the lives of the people who decide to teach on the site.

  • There’s the 72-year old copywriter who is making $8,000 a month.
  • The young lady who made enough from teaching professional people skills on Udemy to put a down payment on her house.
  • The 2 young men who earned $250,000 in 2 months.
  • The 25-year-old programmer who created a new in-demand programming course and earned $66,000 his first month.
  • The young man who was too sick to go to a traditional job, so he now makes $5,000 a month – mostly passive – from home.
  • And on and on, the stories go…

And then there are the countless other Udemy instructors who are earning thousands a month in (mostly) passive income, month after month!

The wonderful thing about teaching on Udemy is that, although you only have to create your online course once, (most courses are in video form and, once published, require very little maintenance, other than answering the occasional student question) it then begins making you an ongoing, passive income! (and it just keeps going, and going, and going)

And if your course is in high demand, it can be a “massive, passive income.”

While many people believe that teaching should only be reserved for those with teaching credentials or for those who have a PhD or some other quaification, Udemy has no such requirements.

If you know a topic well and can present halfway decently, you can teach on Udemy!

In fact, in my “Online Course Creation – Fast & Easy Online Course Publishing” course, I show you 5 different ways to make money with Udemy. (and teaching is only 2 of those!)

So, if you’ve ever felt a twinge of regret for not taking advantage of an opportunity, this is your chance to get in early and begin making a passive income by teaching online.

You can do it!

To help get you started, check out my new course – here’s a discounted coupon just for my blog readers!


Get My Brand-New Homebased Businessowner Newsletter – DEBUT ISSUE #1

By admin | February 2, 2015 | Comments Off on Get My Brand-New Homebased Businessowner Newsletter – DEBUT ISSUE #1

I am proud and excited to announce the world debut of my brand-new Homebased Businessowner Monthly Newsletter!

Dave Espino's Homebased Businessowner Newsletter

I’ve worked hard to create the best, high-quality newsletter, filled with amazing content for YOU, my loyal subscribers.

Every month, I will be bringing you the best tips, strategies, articles, new, reviews, interviews and more – straight to your inbox, for free. (subscription details are inside this first newsletter)

In this debut issue, I reveal:

  • The amazing $35,000 find that this young man picked up for only $5.99 at his local Goodwill store in Phoenix.
  • The brand new ecommerce platform that is poised to give eBay and Amazon a run for their money. (they’ve already raised multi-millions)
  • This young lady made so much teaching online that she was able to earn a down payment on a house!
  • Feature Article: The months old (brand-new) social network that PAYS YOU for posting! (Ever received a check from Facebook? Yeah, me neither… But this site will send you checks!)

Get My Brand-New Homebased Businessowner Newsletter. Check it out at this link:

You’re going to love this!

PS: If you’d like to subscribe to this exciting newsletter, just visit the link below and you will get my Free Report as well as begin receiving the new Newsletter!



Make A Passive Income By Creating and Selling Digital Information Products and Courses

By admin | November 25, 2014 | Comments Off on Make A Passive Income By Creating and Selling Digital Information Products and Courses

I just created a new Slideshare deck for you to check out.

It’s a preview of my brand new Udemy course titled:

Make A Passive Income By Creating and Selling Digital Information Products and Courses

Check it out below!