The Big Key To Marketing Anything Online – Core Concept – Daily Hustle #75

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In this video, we talk about the BIG KEY to marketing anything online.

This is your starting point, this is where you begin in ANY business.



Finding the hot market, the starving market is where we need to start.

By doing this, your odds of massive success increase exponentially.

[VIDEO] Don’t Ever Say “I Don’t Know How”… Daily Hustle #74

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One of the biggest blocks we can have in business is when we don’t know how to do something.

Often, things can easily be learned through a simple Google or YouTube search, but sometimes there are other things that actually require more experience and / or time invested in a learning curve.

I go by a simple motto:

If I can’t do it, I can learn it, and if I can’t learn it (within a reasonable amount of time) then I can pay someone (or partner with someone) else to do it”.

Watch today’s video here:



Living by this standard helps me move forward fast in my business because it destroys the limiting belief that “I can’t do it”.

There are many solutions to most problems and being able to see those solutions when most people can’t is a part of being a successful entrepreneur!

Dealing With Haters, Time Wasters, Trolls & Negative People Online – Daily Hustle #73

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If you run any kind of online business, group, community or anything else online, you are going to run into these people.

They love to bitch, gripe, complain, cause trouble, troll, are negative and or time wasters.

Watch today’s video here:



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Along with how the internet gives us the power to reach potentially millions of people online, comes the possibility of dealing with haters, troublemakers, time wasters, trolls and just plain negative people.

These people exert a cost from you, sometimes in time and more often in affecting your attitude and possibly the attitude of those you associate with and therefore must be dealt with immediately.

In this (longer) video, I talk about my experiences in dealing with all types of negative, trolling, aggressive people online over the years and how I would recommend handing them.

See, it’s NOT just about how to deal with them, but it is also about how to deal with them so that they don’t affect your attitude or the attitude of those in your audience, wherever that may be.

When it comes to dealing with negative, aggressive trolls, the sooner you can get rid of them, the better.

This video shows you how.

My Key Takeaways From Traffic And Conversion Summit 2017 – Daily Hustle #72

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In today’s Daily Hustle I share my key takeaways from Traffic & Conversion Summit 2017.

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Key Takeaway #1 – Digital Marketing is “growing up”.

Key Takeaway #2 – Traffic & Conversion Summit is becoming more corporatized and “professional” with less emphasis on individual internet marketers and more emphasis on training and certifying digital marketing teams.

Watch the video for more…


Something HUGE is coming tomorrow… Get a jump on it NOW…

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Ecommerce is and has always been one of the easiest ways for the average person to make a GREAT income online.
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They are launching a training tomorrow that is SO GOOD, so BIG and so COMPREHENSIVE, that I HAD to share it with you.
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Pat Flynn’s Smart Kindle + Online Course Strategy From T&C Summit – Daily Hustle #71

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Wow! This session by Pat Flynn (of Smart Passive Income) knocked my socks off and it was great to meet him and have him as a guest on this video, too!

In one of Pat Flynn’s workshop sessions, he talked about a great way to combine Kindle books with a “companion course” so as to be able to build an email list and give the customer much more value all at the same time.

Since I’m an online instructor (with 42 courses online) and have already started to turn my courses into Kindle / CreateSpace books, this was the PERFECT strategy that fit with my business.Watch today’s video here:



Check out Pat Flynn’s new book here: http://amzn.to/2lPq70m

I’ll be doing another video about this strategy soon, but this was the highlight of Traffic And Conversion Summit, at least for me!

Every day, I bring you the best and latest mindset strategy, inspiration and resources to help you succeed in your own home-based business.

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How Gratitude Can Motivate You – Daily Hustle #70

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The Daily Hustle is reporting from Traffic & Conversion Summit, in San Diego, CA.

In this video, I share my gratitude for the USA, the American Free Enterprise system and the constitutional form of government that we enjoy here.

Watch today’s video here:



Gratitude can often be a great motivator in your business and it is important to always look for the things you are grateful for.

Working and living from gratitude kills negativity and negative emotions and actions, so I propose that we all work to be more grateful for the many awesome things we have.

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