Win the Storage Wars – The “Magical Transformation” When You Win A GREAT Storage Unit!

Hi this is Dave Espino with and in today’s “storage auction tip of the day” I want to talk about the magical transformation that happens as soon as you buy a winning storage unit. You know, it has happened so many times I’ll invest a few hundred bucks – maybe two hundred dollars to buy a storage unit that’s worth three or four thousand dollars!

And that’s the magical transformation; the fact that you were able to buy thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, for just a few hundred dollars. You were able to buy merchandise for only a hundred dollars. Suddenly you’re three or four thousand dollars richer!

Now, you can literally take that merchandise and flip it on eBay or flip it on Amazon and make money immediately. You can make money the same day!

As soon as you get that storage unit and possession of that storage unit you are able to take that stuff and flip it and sell it. So, the initial minimal risk that you take for a few hundred dollars to actually buy that storage unit is returned to you very quickly, if you know what you’re doing.

So, that’s today’s storage auction tip of the day. I just wanted to share with you that it’s so awesome to be able to turn two hundred dollars, three hundred dollars and to make thousands of dollars and you can flip that stuff very quickly.

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