Do LinkedIn Profile Makeovers For $400 A Pop? Daily Hustle #67

When I first heard about this, I was pretty much blown away at how simple this business is and how you can do it with ZERO cost.

It’s all in today’s video, here:



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This is an exciting system with an opportunity to make $400 a pop by doing a very simple job.

And, you can do this over and over again as many times as you’d like.

Today, LinkedIn is the place where potential employers go to learn more about you and how you might fit their company as an employee.

In fact, it could be argued that your LinkedIn profile is even more important than your resume or your CV for landing that dream job…

And, how your LinkedIn profile is set up could literally be the difference between getting a $60,000 a year job and a $75,000 a year job – it’s that important.

Well, imagine if you could:

Easily reach a specific type of person – someone who will easily pay your fee – for FREE through LinkedIn messages

Offer them an easy-to-do, specific service (to rewrite and dramatically improve their LinkedIn profile so they get FAR BETTER RESULTS)

Use a template that helps you quickly and easily do the task
And get paid $400 EACH TIME you do this?

Well, a highly-successful LinkedIn profile “makeover artist” named Gloria Gunn, has created one of the most complete “systems” for starting a brand-new business doing exactly this and, it can get you paid by this weekend.

In fact, you’ll even see, on video, Gloria’s business partner actually getting a lead for a profile makeover – all in real time!

You’ll watch him send out the specific message that Gloria recommends that you send out and then you’ll watch as someone messages him back – In real time!

The great thing is, it costs you ZERO to advertise your business because Gloria shows you how to get the leads, just by using LinkedIn, which is completely free.

Then, you just follow her model for making over your clients’ linkedIn profiles and collect your $400 payments!

She even tells you the specific types of occupations that this works best for and that will gladly pay you $400 per makeover.

So, I wanted to share this exciting way to make some really good money – all from the comfort of your own home.

If you’d like to learn more, and you’ll want to check it out ASAP.

Check out the “LinkedIn Business In A Box” course here:

How To Turn $5 Into $50 From Flea Market / Thrift Store Picking – Anthony Robbins – Daily Hustle 66

I’ve been buying and selling at flea markets since I was 7 – which means for 46 years! I know the flea market world!

More importantly, I can show you the SPECIFIC items to buy – items you can flip for 200%, 500% and even 1000% profits. (or more)

In this video, I show you an Anthony Robbins boxed set that I picked up for just $5 and how I am able to sell it for $50.

Watch today’s video here:



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In my flea market course, I not only show you what to buy, but I also give you proven, real-world negotiation streategies that have worked for me for decades to get even better deals and squeeze as much profit out of a deal as possible.

This is not JUST a course about buying at flea markets. You can apply these same strategies to buying from thrift stores, auctions, Craigsist, OfferUp, Yard and Garage sales, etc.

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