Proven Facebook Ad Strategies

The new Merch by Amazon program has taken the ecommerce world by storm…

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It seems like everyone who hears about it gets extremely excited about putting up some shirt designs and watching the money roll in.

However, it’s not always that easy.

It takes a certain mindset to be successful with Merch by Amazon, and most people, in their rush to “get some shirts up” rush the process and therefore experience poor results.

As in anything, there are smart ways to run your Merch by Amazon business and there are (shall we say) not-so-smart ways!

The smart way is to begin with one thing and one thing only: Begin with what works!

You see, a few years ago, there was a mad t-shirt rush (similar to the Merch by Amazon rush) and it was called Teespring. People made hundreds of thousands of dollars with Teespring and many still are!

With Teespring, you would:


  • Research a passionate market and create a t-shirt for that market
  • Create a Facebook ad campaign that targeted people in that market specifically
  • Run your Facebook ads and, in a short time determine if the ad campaign was a winner or a loser
  • If the campaign was a winner, GREAT! You made hundreds (and as much as tens of thousands of dollars) with ONE t-shirt campaign.
  • If the campaign was a loser, you cut your losses and started the process again with another campaign.


The problem with Teespring, (compared to Merch by Amazon) is that Teespring was like a Kickstarter campaign.

This means that if you didn’t reach the “goal amount” of t-shirts, nobody’s credit cards would be charged, no one would get a t-shirt and the campaign was a loser, meaning that you would not make ANY money.


The great thing about Merch by Amazon,

on the other hand,

is that you don’t have to wait

to sell a certain “goal” number of shirts.


EVERYONE who wants a shirt gets one immediately – thus ensuring that your campaign will be a winner much sooner and more often.

So, imagine if you could run Facebook ads straight to your Merch by Amazon shirts (using the same proven FB ad secrets shared by a successful Teespring seller) and begin profiting immediately and profiting BIG?



  • No more waiting for your shirts to gain traction in the Amazon marketplace.
  • No more waiting to “tier up” to the next level because you are constantly selling shirts.
  • No more frustration at seeing a lack of sales in your Merch by Amazon account every time you check it.


When you get this right,

you will not only have a license to print t-shirts,

you will have a license to print money!


When you get this right, you’ll be running a business that does not depend on Amazon’s search engine, but instead, you will have a business where you’re in control and you determine how much you make – by how many winning campaigns you decide to create!


I believe millionaires will be made with Merch by Amazon…

…by doing it this way.


I just finished reviewing a course (written by a successful Teespring seller) which walks you through the process for being successful with t-shirts and Facebook ads.

What I discovered is that you could literally replace the word “Teespring” with the words “Merch By Amazon” and you have a powerful training showing you exactly how to:

  • Find passionate t-shirt niches
  • Find / create popular, high-demand quotes & t-shirt ideas within those passionate niches
  • Run targeted Facebook ad tests to quickly determine if that market will buy enough shirts to make it a winner
  • Rinse and repeat for more successful campaigns!

I was pleasantly excited that, already in the first few lessons, I had already gained the right steps to make ALL of my Merch by Amazon shirts successful in Amazon’s organic search and am totally excited to implement what I learned about specifically targeting Facebooks ads with shirts people want, not shirts that I think will sell!

I highly recommend this training (created by a successful Teespring seller) for ANY Merch by Amazon seller…

The Teespring info is easily transferable to your Merch by Amazon business and, as with most digital products, this one comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so there is no risk in checking it out.


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Ugly Shirts Fortune