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The 3 BEST Ways To Earn FREE CRYPTO Worth Tens Of Thousands?

By admin | December 19, 2021 | Comments Off on The 3 BEST Ways To Earn FREE CRYPTO Worth Tens Of Thousands?

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In this video, I share the top THREE WAYS I am earning free crypto (tens of thousands worth) in a short period of time! I share how to mine crypto with your phone, how to mine HNT (Helium Network Token) and how to earn free crypto by SHOPPING.

This crypto world is AMAZING and only going to get better.


I wanted to share the three most exciting crypto opportunities that I’m involved in right now. And just get the word out to you to show you what is happening and how cool it is for making money.

These are the latest and the most exciting three opportunities that I’m involved in right now.


I believe that more and more opportunities like these are going to come onto the market very, very quickly. And that’s the reason I set up this crypto channel is because I believe that we’re at the beginning of a massive gold rush, so to speak, kind of like when boom exploded the internet, boom exploded, and several companies rose to the top.


Now in that process, back then lots and lots of companies started up millions and millions of dollars were changing hands. And most of those did not make it.


My goal is to outline the ones that will make it, that will be successful. And I believe that because we’re dealing with cryptocurrency, not only are the number of opportunities going to be greater, but the quality of the opportunity is going to be much greater as well.


So let me outline the three best opportunities that I’m involved in right now.


We’ll start off with the ones that are more speculative and we’ll go to the ones that are more secure or more sound. So the first one is mining Pi using your phone.


There is a cryptocurrency called Pi, and it is just about to launch at the end of December. And I’ve been doing this mining using my phone for about six months now, and I’ve accumulated quite a large amount of Pi coins, Pi tokens.


So I’m going to put a referral link down below, so you could start mining Pi with your phone. And at the end of this month, they’re going to go to what’s called main net, which means that all the pi coins that you’ve mined will now be tradeable for Fiat currency us dollars, or you can decide to hold on to your Pi cryptocurrency.


Now, the way it works is really simple, and I’m going to provide a link down below my referral link. You simply click one button per day, every 24 hours. You’re able to click that button and it mines additional Pi coins. And then you can amplify that and expand the number of Pi coins that you get by inviting other people to your network, to your mining team. More people you invite to your mining team, the more you mine, every time you click that button.


So it’s a super simple thing to do. It’s something that I do every day. Um, it’s almost like taking your vitamins or, or having breakfast. It’s just, it just becomes a part of your routine. You hit that button every day, every, every 24 hours. And it adds to your Pi coin balance. Now, as I said, I’ve been doing this for six months and we didn’t know for sure when it was going to go to main net, meaning when we’d be able to cash in these coins. But now it’s been, uh, announced that at the end of December, they’re going to go to the early main net and start having these available on exchanges. So that’s pretty exciting. Mining Pi coins for free with your phone. Pretty cool. Right?


The second opportunity I want to share with you is, is mining helium in your home. Now, helium is an incredible new technology.


They’re developing the network of the internet of things. So it’s almost like a secondary network under the internet network. And what this allows us to do is it allows all these internet of things, devices to work better, cheaper, faster, and use less data. And so what are internet of things, devices, they could be anything from your ring doorbell, uh, a pet collar, anything that transmits to the internet like, um, thermostats, smart thermostats, smart refrigerators, security systems in your home, things like that. But you know what, they’re not limited to homes. Industry uses internet of things quite a bit as well, especially in warehouses, they use chips to track all kinds of things in warehouses inventory and things like that. So what this company is doing, it’s a company that was founded in 2013. They are rewarding us for hosting a hotspot in our home. And just for hosting this device that fits in the Palm of your hand in your home, it transmits radio signals.


So it’s completely safe, transmits radio signals. And when it does that, you can earn anywhere from 300 to 2,500 a month, depending on your location. And depending on how many other hotspots your hotspot is communicating with, they call it witness scene and challenging. So when you do that, uh, you make, uh, helium token, that’s the cryptocurrency it’s called H N T and you make it on a recurring monthly basis. So this is passive income just for setting up a little electronic device in your home. Right? Pretty amazing. Now the company that I’m a part of is called IUB global. Now what IUB global has done is they have partnered with some investment firm to provide these helium mins at a ridiculously low price so that you can start mining helium tokens right away. And I’m going to give you my special referral link down below where you can get access to these, this minor for your home.


And then it gets even better. Because what you can do is you can bring people onto your team, so to speak your affiliate team. And when you do, you earn a percentage of all the mining that they’re doing. So imagine that right now, I have something like 8,500 people on my team that I’ve been working, you know, building over time and imagine having just hundreds and hundreds and even thousands of people that all have their hotspot minor in their home, mining helium, and you make a percentage of every one of those miners that gets kind of mind boggling after a while. Okay. So that is a huge opportunity. Now there’s people who do this manually, right? They’ll go buy a bunch of these miners. These min sell for 400, 500, $600. They’ll go buy a bunch. So they’ll invest a lot of money in these miners.


And then they’ll negotiate with people who own a home or a business and say, Hey, I’d like to set this up in your home or your business and pay you a percentage of the mining activity. That’s great. I mean, it’s a viable business model and a lot of people do that, but it’s, it takes too much time for me. It’s like, I I’d rather make things simple and keep them easy. So this makes it a lot easier because what we’re doing is we’re benefiting from hundreds, thousands of miners. Okay. Not something I could go out and do. Like I couldn’t go and talk to hundreds of business owners or hundreds of homeowners. I don’t have that kind of time to reach all those people. Right. But through a two tier affiliate program, two levels. So it, it’s not, multi-level, it’s two level affiliate program. What you can do is you can refer people to get their miners.

And when they do, you automatically start earning some of that HNT off of their miners. And not only that, but there’s a second level that you can earn from as well. So pretty amazing opportunity to multiply your income and dramatically increase that high level of passive income that is coming in from just having one minor. I’m going to have that link to on below. So be sure to check that out. I think you’re going to be really impressed with how well they’ve laid out this opportunity, how organized they are, how many training videos there are. I mean, it’s just really well done. So go take a look at that. And you’ll, I think you’ll be suitably impressed. The third opportunity is very new. I literally just found out of about this seven days ago, and it is how you can get back up to a hundred percent of your online purchases in crypto.


This is kind of like a cashback program, except with this cashback program, you get a hundred percent and all of it is in crypto currency. So let me share a little bit about this and I’m going to have in, I’m going to have the link to this one below in this video. These are the three things I’m doing right now to make money. And it’s very exciting. In fact, with this new app that I’m sharing out to the world, I’ve already made $10,500 in referral commissions. It’s unbelievable. And that’s only in the first seven days, I just got started with this seven days ago. Okay. So what this is is an app that as soon as you download it, using my referral link, you get a hundred dollars in signing bonus right off the bat. And then whenever you refer your friends, family, anyone else to this app using your referral link, you could do this on social media.


You could run ads, you could do all kinds of things, right? But when you send your referral link to these people, you make a hundred dollars. Every time someone downloads the app and they make that $100 signing bonus for just downloading the app, but that’s even the best of it. Okay? The best part of this app is that you can get between 50% to a hundred percent of your online purchases back in the form of crypto. So let’s say you spend $500 on a new laptop, right? Spend 500 bucks on a new laptop. You go to eBay using the app, right? And when you do that, eBay pays 50%. So you would get back $250 in cryptocurrency that you can easily exchange for cash, or just hold it for future appreciation. Now, let’s say that you decide to get some electronic stuff, right? One another one of the stores is called the express.


So you go onto AliExpress using the app, and you could get a hundred percent of what you paid back in the form of crypto. So if you paid a thousand dollars for merchandise, you can get a thousand dollars paid back into your crypto wallet. This is incredible, right? And the upper limit by the way is $10,000. So you could spend hypothetical, you could spend up to $10,000 and get $10,000 back. That’s amazing. And so I want to share that app with you. The link is down below the referral link. So you can get your a hundred dollars signing bonus that’s in the link below as well. And as I said, I’ve already made $10,500 just in seven days by referring for friends, family, and also putting these in my Facebook group, putting my referral link in my Facebook group. Uh, we even created a course about this.


I’ll include the link to our course down below as well, but these are the three hot, exciting opportunities that I wanted to share with you. These are the three things I’m doing right now to build up my wealth, build up my income. And some of these are just free ways to generate crypto that you can then turn that money into more by doing something called yield farming. Now we’re about to launch on December 30th, an entire course on yield farming and wait till you see that. I mean, that’s where you can take all this crypto that you’re earning from these three methods and multiply it exponential, really grow that crypto.


So very excited to be sharing that with you.


Hope you enjoyed this video today at the cryptopreneurs.


If you like this kind of content, you like the meshing of crypto and entrepreneurialism, then this is the channel for you.


Make sure you subscribe, follow us here, and I look forward to seeing you next time. Have a good one.

The Amazing New App That PAYS YOU 100% Of Your Online Purchases Back – In CRYPTO?

By admin | December 11, 2021 | Comments Off on The Amazing New App That PAYS YOU 100% Of Your Online Purchases Back – In CRYPTO?


With this amazing new app, you get up to 100% of your online purchases back in the form of crypto.

This crypto can be exchanged for CASH, other crypto or just held for future appreciation.

You ALSO earn a $100 commission JUST FOR REFERRING others to the app. ($100 per app download)


You earn a $100 “signing bonus” (ie: free spending money) JUST for downloading the app!



Get your $100 spending money and up to 100% Cash Back on purchases, here:



There’s a lot more to this app and I created a short, informational training that walks you through it here:

To your success!


Lessons From One Of The Most Successful Business Infomercials Of All Time

By admin | May 9, 2020 | Comments Off on Lessons From One Of The Most Successful Business Infomercials Of All Time

I was fortunate to be featured on one of the most successful business infomercials of all time.

As a lifelong marketer, I learned so much about scripting, copywriting, presenting to camera, reading from teleprompter, marketing and course creation.

I had a blast doing it, being treated like a rock star and earning my first millions as a result of this amazing campaign.

On Thursday evening, I will be presenting a free training that shows you the 4 “holy grail” strategies I learned from these infomercial campaigns and how you can apply them to your online course business.

Be sure to tune in by visiting this link!

Do Online Course Creators Believe That EVERYONE Is Qualified To Create Online Courses?

By Dave Espino | October 26, 2018 | Comments Off on Do Online Course Creators Believe That EVERYONE Is Qualified To Create Online Courses?

Welcome back, this is Dave Espino and today I would like to answer a question I heard recently which is do online course creators think everyone is qualified to create and sell online courses? Well that's kind of a loaded question because you're almost generalizing that all online course creators think the same, and that's definitely not true within the online course creating world. There are people who believe that you can only teach online courses if you have incredible credentials, and these people tend to be the more technical online course creators.

There Are 2 Types of Course Creators

In other words, they're teaching on technical topics like programming or engineering or analysis or excel or things like that. Then there's the other side of the spectrum that says anyone can teach, and I fall closer to the bottom side of the spectrum of saying that anyone can teach. And the reason is we all teach people all the time.

If you're a parent, you're teaching your kids. If you work as a manager somewhere, you're teaching the people that work with you, right? So we're all teachers to some degree or another.

The real question is, what are you teaching? Yes, if you're teaching lifesaving CPR skills you better be qualified, and you better be credentialed and you better really know your stuff. But if you're teaching somebody how to bake chocolate chip cookies, just about anyone can teach that, right? So the question is, what are you teaching? What is the topic that you're teaching? We need to boil down this question too. What is it that you're teaching? If I learned a cool strategy for selling on Amazon that I've implemented it in my business and I've proven it to work amazingly well, why am I not qualified to teach that?

Some People Are Just More Qualified Than Others In Certain Topics

You can teach that if you're talking about some incredible programming language, some really technical programming language, then for sure I'm not qualified to teach that. I'm not a programmer and at that point yes, you should have somebody that's very qualified.

Let's not be overgeneralizing with the online course business. Let's really treated on an individual case by case basis. If I want to teach how to bake sourdough bread, like my good friend Theresa Greenway, and I'm good at baking sourdough bread, then why can't I teach sourdough bread? If I've developed a strategy that works in my business and it's generated a 2x or a 5x profit in my business, why can't I teach that?

So is Everyone Qualified?

So again getting back to the question, do online course creators think everyone is qualified to create and sell online courses? I believe there's a range, a spectrum, and only a certain percentage of the online courses out there really require high credentials to teach.

I would say a good percentage, probably 70% to 80% of the courses that are taught right now, do not require high credentials. We're quickly moving into a world because of technology and because of the Internet. We're quickly moving into a world where your skills are going to be yours that you've developed primarily on your own, where your skills did not come from a school or a degree or some kind of specialized training. We're quickly moving into that world.

So as time goes on, more and more people will need less and less credentials to teach, and that's just the way things are going. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you're interested in getting started in the online course business I recently created a free Online Course Fast Start Kit which I encourage you to check out. You can find that kit at I'll see you next time.

Has Anyone Become Ultra Wealthy From Selling Courses Online?

By Dave Espino | October 24, 2018 | Comments Off on Has Anyone Become Ultra Wealthy From Selling Courses Online?

Welcome back, this is Dave Espino the Info Boss . Today I have a great question all about the online course business, and it is are there any people who became ultra wealthy from creating and selling courses online? And if so, how did they do it? I've got a great answer for you. You see the online course business has traditionally been on the online course marketplaces such as Udemy, Skillshare, Lynda, and all these other marketplaces.

The Best Way to Make a Lot of Money Through Online Courses

But there's a much better way to make money with online courses than that, and it's by creating a sales funnel for your online course and marketing the heck out of your course. You can also make a lot more money by selling that course for a higher ticket than you would on a marketplace, offering a lot more value so that you can charge a higher ticket for it.

The primary way that this is done, and all kinds of people are doing this right now, is through developing a sales funnel. Now I'm not going to get into details on how to set up a sales funnel in this article. You can affordably drive paid traffic into your funnel and then filter those people out so that the top people that are the most interested in your course will be buying from you, and that's the process of a sales funnel.

Now, sometimes the sales funnel involves a warming up process where you're warming up that person to eventually buy from you, and this allows you to leverage your time and leverage your paid advertising dollars. So basically what you're doing is you're paying a small amount of money in to buy ads and you're receiving a large amount of money back in course sales.

And if you do it all correctly, you can stand to make a fortune selling online courses. Basically meeting the demand for information that's happening out there every single second.

Every Second, 40,000 People Are Looking For Information!

Did you know that every second that passes by, there are 40,000 searches happening on Google. All these people are looking for information. They're looking for information that you could be providing in an online course, and that's 40,000 searches per second, every single second that passes by. So how do you do this?

The best way I can share with you how to do this is I recommend you get this free book. It's called Dotcom Secrets. This book is kind of the Bible about sales funnels, how to market anything online, but the perfect product to market online is an online course and that's what this book is going to help you with. So if you have a question about like how do you build a sales funnel for an online course, this book is filled with that information.

It's powerful and it's free. I'm going to have a link to it below this video, but you can also go to and get your free copy of this book. It's going to be shipped to you and it's going to show you everything you need to know to become financially free selling your own online courses. It's a powerful, powerful book.

It's probably my best recommended book of the year, if not the last 10 years that I've read because it shows you strategy and it shows you step by step what to do to sell anything online. But like I said the perfect product to sell with the sales funnel is an online course, so you're in the right place. Hope you enjoyed this post, and I'll see you on the next one.

What Are The Three Hardest Skills For Making A Lot Of Money Online?

By Dave Espino | October 22, 2018 | Comments Off on What Are The Three Hardest Skills For Making A Lot Of Money Online?

Welcome back, this is Dave Espino and today I wanted to answer the question what is the hardest skill to teach people to make a lot of money online? I've been making a lot of money online for about 19 years now, and I can tell you that there are three core things that I've had to learn the hard way in order to make money online.

Just Stick With One Business

The first thing is probably the most important and that it is stick to one business only until you make it work. This is a common mistake that most people make is they get excited about a business. They jumped into this business model, but the problem with the online marketing world is there are all kinds of ways to make money online and legitimate ways to make money online. The Internet is an incredible place and the Internet is incredible leverage tool for anyone to be able to make money online.

So what happens is they get started in one business model. They get excited about it, they jump into it with both feet, and they encounter the first of what would normally be many obstacles. When they hit that obstacle they go “oh, this is tough” or “oh, this is harder than I thought it would be.” And so they kinda scan the horizon and they see another opportunity that looks easier, and the problem is they jumped into that opportunity.

They let this one go, which they already had developed some learning curve. They already had developed some momentum, but if they let that obstacle stopped them, they jump into the other business model which might be just as good or just as legitimate or even a better model. And as they're going they hit an obstacle again and again and say I thought this would be easier. I thought this would be the easy way to make money online. They go and bounced to another opportunity. That's called bright “shiny object syndrome,” and all of us have either had it or get it once in awhile.

We get tempted by something else because it looks easier, it looks more profitable, it looks like you could make more money quicker and that kind of thing.

The Key to Being Successful Online is to Find One Awesome Opportunity

Jump in with both feet. Commit 100% and don't look anywhere else. Just stay focused on that one opportunity. The second skill or habit that's really important is persistence. Persistence means staying with it even when it's difficult, staying with it even when you don't feel like it, going after it and developing the right habits for success and then sticking to those disciplined habits that's critical for success.

See a lot of us when we start out in the online business world, we've been pre-programmed by schools and even by jobs to do what our boss tells us to do. But now that you're the boss so you've got to develop what you need to do, develop a list of things that you need to do and then you've got to do them. Those two things are difficult for people who've been programmed in the nine to five world or in the school world. The school world gives you your assignment and then you go do it. The job world gives you your task and then you go do it.

Here you've got to be a tougher boss on yourself than a real world boss would be on you.

Just Remember You're Never Done Learning

The third most important skill to learn in order to make money online, in my opinion, is self-education. You always want to be self-educating. You always want to be learning the latest strategies that relate to that one thing, that one business model don't be learning about. Learn about just that one thing and those things that can get you moving forward fast.

Self-education is so important. It not only includes learning strategies, but it also includes developing your mindset. Your mindset is so important, so you want to be always learning from people who are more successful than you. You always want to be learning strategies from people who are successful entrepreneurs. You want to follow successful entrepreneurs, people who've really done it, not just talkers, and you want to listen to those people and learn from their their trial and error. Learn from their life experiences, learn from their wins and learn from their losses. This type of learning is so important because not only does it keep you excited and moving forward, but it also gives you key mindset strategies that you need to develop as you're becoming an entrepreneur.

See becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy task. It is simply a matter of working hard towards a goal and working really on two main things. One is your attitude, that is your mindset and your self education. And two is your actions, your activities, and the things you're doing on a daily basis to get to your goals. And if you're working on those two things every day, you will be successful. I hope you enjoyed this article, and I'll see you next time.

How Much Money Can You Make By Teaching Programming Online?

By Dave Espino | October 18, 2018 | Comments Off on How Much Money Can You Make By Teaching Programming Online?

Welcome back, this is Dave Espino and in this article I'd like to answer the question how much money can you make by teaching programming online. Well programming is a particularly good thing to teach online, and the reason is there are tons and tons of people looking for programming education. They're looking for information on how to become a programmer, or how to learn that new language, or all kinds of things primarily because programming is a skill of the future. There's huge demand for that type of teaching.

How You can Teach Programming Online

When teaching programming online, there's two ways you can go. One way is to teach on Now Udemy is a good marketplace for programming courses and the reason is it seems like there's a lot of techie people that hang out at Udemy right now. I think eventually it's going to be a more mass appeal marketplace, but right now it's still kind of in the early adopter phase. So the programming courses on Udemy are very, very popular and do really, really well.

In fact, one of the top instructors on Udemy generates a $3,000,000 income every year just from teaching programming courses on Udemy. Now if you can make $3 million a year teaching on Udemy, then chances are good you can make $30 million a year teaching off your own self hosted courses and the reason for that is Udemy is a discount marketplace. Whereas if you're outside of Udemy in a self hosted plan, you could sell your courses for a lot more money. 10 times more at least. So if you can sell your courses for 10 times more and develop a simple sales funnel process to be able to sell these courses to the right people, then you can do really, really well outside of Udemy.

To me, the reason people publish courses on Udemy is they either don't know how to market or they don't want to learn how to market their courses themselves so they relegate it to a marketplace that's going to do some of that work for them.

That in my opinion is a huge mistake because by learning just a little bit of marketing, you can develop a sales funnel to market your own courses and for a lot more money. $50, $100, $200, $300 per course is not uncommon in the world outside of Udemy.

How much money can you make by teaching programming online?

I think the lower level is anywhere from six figures to seven figures. And the upper level is in the eight figure mark if you're doing the marketing right. The issue with most programmers is that they're not marketers. So if you really want to go big with courses, you should work with a marketer who knows how to develop a sales funnel and put that all together to develop a huge marketing campaign that's going to sell a lot of your courses and for a higher price. That's our answer for today. Hope you enjoyed this article. If you're interested in the online course business I've created a free Fast Start Kit to get you started. You can find it at, and it'll help walk you through the process of creating your online course. I'll see you next time.