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eBay Apprentice Program 

eBay Apprentice Program 

4-Videos and Action Guide 

Approximately 6 hours of eBay training

Apprentices paid $497 for this program, but in this special "Webinar Only" offer, you get it for a fraction of this price! 

AND, comes with ONE 30-minute coaching call with me!*

* (Dave’s coaching rates are normally $300 / hour, so this is a $150 value by itself…)

eBay Apprentice Program 

4-Videos and Action Guide 

Approximately 6 hours of eBay training

The eBay Apprentice Program is designed for people who want to
learn the RIGHT WAY to get started on eBay so that they can make money FAST and the RIGHT WAY. 

This special Digital Version consists of 4 videos and an Action Guide PDF. 

It is the PERFECT WAY to get started on eBay because you now have a 14 year veteran eBay Powerseller guiding you, step-by-step, through your initial eBay successes!

If you’d like to learn all about the content that is included in this program, visit:


Because this is a DIGITAL PRODUCT, you can access this program as soon as your payment is made! 

Approximately 6 hours of eBay training + one 30-minute coaching call with Dave

$647 value

Beyond eBay

Beyond eBay

8 videos that show you how to dramatically increase your eBay sales.

Beyond eBay

Beyond eBay is my advanced training that shows you how to increase your eBay sales by as much as 1,000 % by using a simple strategy that I’ve used for years.

This strategy involves building an email list of your eBay customers so you can sell to them over and over again!

I’ve used this strategy for years to sell out of my product within 48 hours, giving me the profits to reinvest in more inventory faster and do it all over again!

Beyond eBay is a $47 value, but you get it as part of this package deal for a lot less!

$47 value


eBay vs. Amazon

eBay vs. Amazon Webinar Recording

This video shows you the key differences between eBay and Amazon and how to use this knowledge to make money!

eBay vs. Amazon

Not every product sells best on eBay. In fact, there are some products that do much better on eBay while others do much better on Amazon.

In this powerful webinar recording, you’ll discover the key differences between eBay and Amazon.com and how you can use these key differences to MAKE MONEY!

I walk you through the key differences and then I show you actual transactions I’ve made on each site that will illustrate how YOU can model my success.

The key to making money online is to source high-demand products and then to sell those items in the best places possible for MAXIMUM PROFIT.

This video will show you how.

$27 value



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incredible "Webinar Only" Special Offer 

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Note: This is a digitally-delivered product, so it will be available to you as soon as payment is made!

Check out this testimonial for Dave’s home study course…

Hi Dave,
Got the videos today and (10 cups of coffee later) just finished the last one.
My mind is racing and I’m shaking with excitement. (probably all that coffee actually…LOL)
Just when I thought I knew it all and was ready to give up, you came along and revived my enthusiasm.
I’m so glad you made this available to me. I really got some great ideas from this.
I will keep you posted on my successes. I can’t wait to get started!

Due to the exclusive / proprietary nature of these strategies, there are no refunds for this product.


I’m so excited about this offer that I am also including a private, 30-minute, one-on-one coaching session with me.

This is a limited-time offer as I cannot do these coaching sessions forever!

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