Pat Flynn’s Smart Kindle + Online Course Strategy From T&C Summit – Daily Hustle #71

Wow! This session by Pat Flynn (of Smart Passive Income) knocked my socks off and it was great to meet him and have him as a guest on this video, too!

In one of Pat Flynn’s workshop sessions, he talked about a great way to combine Kindle books with a “companion course” so as to be able to build an email list and give the customer much more value all at the same time.

Since I’m an online instructor (with 42 courses online) and have already started to turn my courses into Kindle / CreateSpace books, this was the PERFECT strategy that fit with my business.Watch today’s video here:



Check out Pat Flynn’s new book here:

I’ll be doing another video about this strategy soon, but this was the highlight of Traffic And Conversion Summit, at least for me!

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How Gratitude Can Motivate You – Daily Hustle #70

The Daily Hustle is reporting from Traffic & Conversion Summit, in San Diego, CA.

In this video, I share my gratitude for the USA, the American Free Enterprise system and the constitutional form of government that we enjoy here.

Watch today’s video here:



Gratitude can often be a great motivator in your business and it is important to always look for the things you are grateful for.

Working and living from gratitude kills negativity and negative emotions and actions, so I propose that we all work to be more grateful for the many awesome things we have.

Live From Traffic And Conversion Summit 2017 – Daily Hustle #69

I’ll be doing my daily videos from “Traffic & Conversion Summit” in San Diego this weekend!

Watch today’s video here:



One of my favorite mentors, Jim Rohn said: “Formal education will make you a living, but self education will make you a fortune.”

Not only can I attest to that and say that I am a big fan of self-education, but I also wanted to say that I am praticing what I preach!

So I’m out here “sharpening the saw” so that my work is better, quicker and more efficient, as well as more profitable…

You Can Retire In A Few Years Using Passive Income Business Models – Daily Hustle #68

Here’s a new way to look at passive income and how important it is for YOU to develop passive income streams.

The average person takes a working lifetime (30 – 40 years) to accumulate a retirement fund that is sufficient enough to “live off the interest” comfortably.

Watch today’s video here:



However, are many possible factors that can negatively affect or even destroy your retirement fund:

  • Financial crash
  • Recession
  • Loss of job
  • Unexpected health emeergency
  • Etc.

So, even if you are able to work for 40 years at a “9 to 5” and accumulate the necessary money, these things can still come in and kill your retirement fund.

In this video, I talk about the importance of passive income business models and how you can build these models to achieve “retirement” in a matter of a few years, as opposed to 30 – 40 years.

This is not some pie in the sky comparison, but a new and exciting way to look at passive income and how critically important it is that YOU get in on the passive income “bandwagon” asap!