How Skateboarding Helps My Home Business – Go For It, Don’t Be Afraid To Fail – Daily Hustle 44

Watch this 53 year old dude go skateboarding.



Skateboarding is an unforgiving sport.

I learned early on that if I wanted to get good, I would have to take some falls.

This helped me in business as I realized that if I wanted to succeed, there was a learning process that I had to go through and it would require a few “falls” or fails in order to move up and get good. (fortunately, failing in business did NOT involve smashing concrete with my body!)

I hope this video will inspire you to “go for it” in your business and to be more brave and realize that good things usually come with some degree of failure along the way.

But pushing past that will move you forward so much faster than if you let the fear of failure get to you!


Don’t EVER Get Into Arguments On Facebook! Why It’s A Lose / Lose Deal – Daily Hustle 43


Have you ever decided to get into a discussion on Facebook and innocently added your “2 cents” but it ended up blowing up into a long, drawn out argument and took up lots of your time and screwed up your attitude?

Yeah, me too…

In this video (below) we talk about why it is so important to stay OUT of argumentative discussions about politics, religion or any other sensitive subjects.

It can eat up your productive time, but more importantly, it can eat up your positive, productive attitude, which is even more precious.

Watch the video here:



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[VIDEO] The Key To Making All The Sales You Want To Make Online Part 2 – Daily Hustle 42

In Part Two of “How To Make All The Sales You Want To Make Online”, I reveal the other big key to making all the sales you want to make.

Having this in place will ensure that you have enough people looking at your offers that you will have a large number of qualified people wanting to buy from you.

Today’s Daily Hustle video shows you how to use implied endorsements & testimonials to build “know, like, trust” and how video can be one of the fastest ways to build your very own “self-selected” audience:



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(VIDEO) The Key To Making All The Sales You Want To Make Online – Part 1 – Daily Hustle 41

Today’s Daily Hustle video begins a 2-part series where I show you how to get all the sales you want, online.

This first video (below) is all about one of the main pre-requisites for people to buy from you.

Once you have this down, you can move on to the next key to making all the sales you want to make online.

Stay tuned for the second part, coming tomorrow!



The Muscle Car I Flipped On eBay For $69,000 – Daily Hustle 40

In today’s Daily Hustle video, I tell you about the most expensive item I ever sold on eBay – a muscle car that I sold for $69,000.

But there’s more to the story, including a fire, a friendship, a profit and an amazing reunion, as well!

Watch the video below:



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(VIDEO) Reason #93 To Work From Home – YOU Decide The Dress Code – Daily Hustle 39

In this episode of the Daily Hustle, we talk about Reason #93 to work from home – the fact that you get to decide the dress code.

Watch the video here:


Early on, I was involved in professional jobs where you have to wear dress clothes and I discovered that it’s just not for me.

Working from home spoils you because you can wear whatever you want to wear and it is extremely comfortable!

This may not seem like a big deal, but once you’ve experienced the joy of working form home, you won’t want to go back!

How To Sell Online Courses WITHOUT Creating A Course? – Daily Hustle 38

In today’s Daily Hustle video, I reveal how to create and sell online courses without ever having to create a course yourself.

These online courses are yours to sell and you can use them to sell to your existing audience or to a new audience OR, you can use them as bonuses in affiliate offers, or even as digital content bonuses to a physical product sale. (On eBay, Amazon or on your website)

Watch the video here:



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Being able to offer your own online course without having to record or film anything is a ninja shortcut that can help you make more sales online.

Why You MUST Start Email Marketing Immediately – Daily Hustle Video 37

In today’s Daily Hustle video, I share one of the most important elements of having a successful business, (no matter what business you are in) and that is, the ability to build an audience and communicate with that audience, at will.

Currently, one of the best, proven ways to do this is via email marketing.

We talk about email marketing and how critical it is to your home based, online business in the video below:


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(VIDEO) Why FAITH Is Critical To A Successful Online Business – Daily Hustle 36

Today’s Daily Hustle video is about the critical importance of FAITH. (Not religious faith, in this case, but just a positive expectancy about things)

It seems to me that so many people have been beat up by life that it is difficult for them to believe in ANYTHING anymore.

The world can be a skeptical, cynical place sometimes and I see lots of people lacking even basic positive faith in things.
Watch the video below:


I hope this video will encourage you to step out in faith more and “try” things with an expectant spirit, rather than just shutting things down before they even get started.