How To Win By Being Selfless – Daily Hustle 15


In today’s video, I talk about the benefits of being selfless, especially if you run an online business.

The top people give a lot more than they expect to receive, but end up receiving so much, anyway.

As long as you come from a position and mindset of serving others, (and not from a position of taking advantage) you can’t go wrong with this strategy!

How I Turned $3 Into $149 By Picking At My Local Flea Market – Daily Hustle 13


In today’s Daily Hustle, I go to a local Flea Market and AGAIN turn a few bucks ($3) into a LOTTA bucks ($149!)

That is a 4,800% profit.

I’ve been buying and selling at flea markets for 46 years, so I guess you could say I’ve picked up some high-profit strategies over the years!


I’ve added the link to my flea market course below this STEEMIT post…

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Have a bias toward ACTION! Daily Hustle #12


This is a top success secret that can transform your life.

By having a bias toward ACTION, you will move forward so much faster in your online business.

The key to online business is to always be moving forward, even if you make mistakes or aren’t 100% sure you are doing things correctly.

Imperfect action beats perfect NON-action, so get yourself moving forward, even if your forward movement is not perfect! (By the way, my video quality will improve next week – I know these videos have not been perfect… I’m practicing what I preach! LOL!)


Don’t Just Try… Go All Out And Achieve Massive Success! Daily Hustle 9


One of the secrets to success in online marketing is the attitude of “going all out” with a new strategy, project or marketing campaign.

Too often, we just dabble or “try” things, expecting that, just by taking action, we will achieve success.

This is an overly optimistic view and will often lead to unnecessary failure.

In this video, we talk about the attitude you need for massive success: