Envisioning & Creating Your New Normal – Daily Hustle #55

Before you can level up in life, you first have to envision your “new normal”.

It starts in your mind first.

You begin by clearly seeing the goal and the vision that is closely aligned with your life’s mission and then begin making plans to bring those things to life.

The better you can execute your plan, the faster you will get there.

Watch today’s Daily Hustle video here:


A new normal is possible for just about anyone – you just have to see it, want it badly and go after it.

The Mega Shift – The Rise of Digital Media And How To Make Money With It

[uvc-youtube id=”aCX2WCql23g” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″]

The internet has created massive changes in how we communicate.

This video described these “mega-shift” changes and how you can benefit from them.

Today, there are micro-jobs, outsourcing websites and task sites where you can get paid to do small, micro tasks and build a nice living doing so.

This is an exciting new development that I will be reporting on in the near future!

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