Thoughts & Update On Publishing On Amazon Video Direct – Daily Hustle #202

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Did you know that you could publish video content on AMAZON?

It’s a fairly new program called Amazon Video Direct.

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With Amazon Video Direct, you can publish videos on Amazon and it is available for Amazon Prime subscribers in a variety of ways.

In this video, we talk about AVD and give an update on how it works and how it may grow in the future.

Self Hosting Your Online Courses – Daily Hustle #201

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In this video excerpt from the Passive Income Show, we talk about self hosting your online courses.

If you’ve created an online course, it’s important to not only publish your courses on the big marketplaces, such as Udemy, Skillshare and others.

But it’s also important to self host your courses on a site like Teachable or Thinkific.

Self hosting gives you lots of freedom and flexibility, not to mention a LOT more net revenue. (because you don’t have to share that revenue with a marketplace!)

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So, if you’ve create an online course or digital product, then you should learn more about self hosting your courses because it is more profitable and often can be more profitable than publishing your courses on Udemy and other sites.

Why Companies With Audiences Should Add Online Learning – Daily Hustle #200

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In this video excerpt from the Passive Income Show, we talk about how easy it is for any company (that has an audience) to build out an online learning platform and why it’s in their best interests to do so.

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The world of online learning represents not only a breakthrough for students and anyone who wants to learn new skills and concepts, but also represents a fantastic opportunity for companies that already have existing audiences.

The incredibly low cost of entry and low investment required to build out a quality online learning platform are now at your disposal and a company would benefit by adding a hugely profitable product (all digital) to their product line.

The opportunities are huge and only going to get better!

I have written and laid out a full-blown business plan for an online learning platform and would be happy to discuss it with the right interested parties.

What Is Clickfunnels & Why Do I Need It? Daily Hustle #199

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You’ve probably heard of Clickfunnels or have seen ads about it.

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels allows you to easily create sales funnels.

A sales funnel is the process a prospective customer goes through when they first learn about your business. (or at various later stages)

This sales process is critically important because how you handle your customers can make a HUGE difference in your bottom line.

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A good example of having NO funnel is “brand advertising”, which is like when you watch a Pepsi commercial on TV.

In that case, there is NO FUNNEL.

Pepsi is simply creating “awareness” of their brand. By reminding you to buy and drink Pepsi, they are hoping you will buy some the next time you’re at the store.

But an actual sales funnel uses proven sales psychology (from hundreds of marketing tests) to lead your prospect to becoming a customer AND to move them up an escalating series of purchases, upsells, bumps and even downsells.

In any business the bulk of your income is made on the “back end”, not on the upfront sale.

So, Clickfunnels is a revolutionary software tool that makes the creation of web-based sales funnels super easy and drag and drop simple.

You pretty much have to see it to believe it.

You can check out a free trial of Clickfunnels for FREE here:

Passive Income Show – How Do I Choose My First Online Course Topic? Daily Hustle # 198

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In this excerpt from the Passive Income Show, Phil and I talk about how to choose your very first course topic.

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Choosing a topic for your very first online course does require some thinking and strategy because you want to get a course done quickly as a way to learn the ropes, but you also want to establish a good student following.

Watch as we talk about the various things to consider when choosing your first course topic.

Grant Cardone On Steemit? What Are The Demographics On Steemit? Daily Hustle #197

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Steemit is the amazing new platform that pays you to post.

In this video excerpt from the Passive Income Show, one of our viewers asks about the demographics on Steemit.

Since Steemit is so new, there are mainly “early adopters” and people who are in the cryptocurrency world hanging out on Steemit.

However, more and more influencers are coming on to the Steemit platform, including influencers like Grand Cardone.

Watch today’s video here:



As the Steemit platform continues to grow in numbers and the network effect takes over, you can expect Steemit to hit the mainstream and great things are coming to those who started early and built a following.

Steemit Explanation For Newbies – Daily Hustle #196

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Steemit is the amazing new social network / blogging / forum platform that pays you to post.

You can post your articles, videos, photos, poetry, art, audio, you name it!

AND, you get paid (in cryptocurrency, exchangable for cash) for your posts.

Learn more about this incredible new platform in the video below:



Want to check out the course that really helped me understand Steemit?

Visit: http://daveespino.com/HowToSteemit

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