Benefits Of Having An Online Passive Income Business – Daily Hustle #158

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If you dream of owning your own business, you are probably dreaming of the FREEDOM you’ll enjoy from having your own business.

However, most people start a business and unwittingly find out that they have really just started a very demanding “job” that requires more from them than a traditional job would.

On the other hand, when you own a passive income business, you now get to enjoy true freedom.

In today’s video, I share a little bit about our out-of-state move and how it was so effortless because of my passive income business.

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You’ll also learn about some of the legit passive income business models that exist right now.

How To Use Product Reviews When Launching Your Product – Daily Hustle #156

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Today, you’ll learn how to “mine” product reviews for “hidden gold” so that you can launch your own products profitably and successfully.

In this video, I highlight a post made by one of my top mentors, John Reese.

John was the first person to make one million dollars in one day through internet marketing – sort of the “4-minute mile” in our industry.

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Analyzing products reviews the way John says to do is such a powerful strategy because you are getting the best data from the best people, actual customers, people who actually reached into their wallet and spent money on that product.

Learning what they like and don’t like is valuable information that you can use in your product launch!

What Are The Requirements For Publishing A Udemy Course? Daily Hustle #155

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So you want to publish an online course on Udemy?

Before you do, you should acquaint yourself with the specific guidelines and requirements for an online course on Udemy.

In today’s video, you’ll learn some of the basic requirements and guidelines for a Udemy course and you’ll also learn where to get the rest of the details.

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Want to launch your own Udemy course?

Want to do it quickly, with as little “learning curve” as possible?

Then, be sure to preview this training for free: http://daveespino.com/Udemy1


What Is The Future Of Online Learning & Udemy? Daily Hustle #154

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In today’s video, you’ll hear my answer to a question about the future of edtech, elearning and Udemy.

The future is bright!

Elearning is here to stay and in fact, it is growing like crazy and will continue to grow as more and more people and companies realize the economies of scale that are possible with elearning.

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I believe that more and more larger companies will get into the edtech world soon and those of us who are on the inside are already seeing signs of this as we get approached by online learning platforms and opportunities to publish our courses on multiple platforms.

NOW is the time to get started in online teaching!

Why You’ll LOVE Creating & Selling Digital Products! Daily Hustle #153

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If you want the maximum profit possible when selling online, then digital products are the answer.

There are so many benefits to selling digital products and we cover many of those in today’s video.

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Everything has now gone digital and products are no different.

Digital products are the future and the sooner you begin marketing digital products, the better for you!

How To Make Money On YouTube WITHOUT Running Ads – Daily Hustle #152

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In today’s video, you learn a variety of ways to make money with YouTube, without running YouTube ads.

You’ll discover at least 5 good ways to create an income with YouTube videos and none of them involve running ads.

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Running ads is actually one of the least-effective ways to monetize your YouTube videos / channel because the payout is so low and it takes many thousands of views / impressions to make any real money.

So, watch today’s video and learn some of the better ways to monetize your videos!

Is Copywriting Dead? Daily Hustle #151

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Copywriting means “salesmanship in print”. (or in a video script, ad or other marketing piece)

In today’s video, I answer the question: “Is copywriting dead?” on Quora.

Learn what the key aspects of copywriting are and why it’s not dead.

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If someone is not having good results from their copywriting, then they are not targeting their audience correctly and have not developed their “customer avatar” very well.

A customer avatar is your prototypical customer, it’s who you are speaking to in your copywriting and it’s who you are targeting your website, sales letter, video script or ad to.

Copywriting is both an art and a science and it is important to get both right so that you can maximize your results.

If you want to dramatically improve your copywriting, you need to take a look at my copywriting workshop here:


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