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The Fastest and Safest Way To Make Passive Income

By Dave Espino | October 8, 2018 | Comments Off on The Fastest and Safest Way To Make Passive Income

This is Dave Espino, and I'm answering a question I heard recently which is “what is the fastest and safest way to earn passive income?” Now, the word safest implies that you're looking for some kind of an investment to invest your money to generate passive income.

Now, the passive income that I'm talking about here in this article is passive income that you create where you do some work once, but then it pays you over and over and over again. So my answer to what is the fastest and safest way to earn a passive income is to create an online video course.

But Why Online Courses?

When you create a video course that explains how to do something, how to do something better, or quicker, or more efficiently, how to overcome a challenge, how to learn a basic skill; that is a product that can be sold over and over and over again.

And it's a digital product, which means that you get to keep 100% of the money. In most other products, especially physical products, they have a cost to manufacture the product, a cost to ship it, a cost to have it run through the various distribution channels and all that.

With a digital product, you keep 100% of the money.

How is it the Fastest?

Now the reason it's the fastest way to make a passive income is because you set up this online course once, and then you set up an automated traffic system to drive traffic to that course, and now you've got a passive income. It's a very simple process, and it's also a very simple business to understand.

That's how, in my opinion, you're going to get the fastest and safest form of passive income. I currently make a pretty good passive income through online courses, so if you're interested in learning more about the online course business be sure to get my free my Fast Start Guide. It’s a guide that will give you tips and tricks and help you jump start your own course marketing business. You can find my free Fast Start Guide at, so be sure to check it out. I look forward to seeing you next time.

The Weirdest Way I’ve Made A Passive Income

By Dave Espino | October 8, 2018 | Comments Off on The Weirdest Way I’ve Made A Passive Income

Hey this is Dave Espino, the InfoBoss, and today I wanted to share the weirdest way I’ve seen or experienced to make passive income. I make passive income in a variety of different ways, so I'm just going to list them out really quickly.

My Passive Income Sources

One is through print on demand products on the Internet. One is through the merch by Amazon program, which is Amazon's print on demand tee shirt business. Another is through the Kindle marketplace selling my ebooks as well as the paperback versions of those books on Amazon. Another way I make passive income is through affiliate marketing and email marketing, and my favorite way that I make passive income is through online courses creating online courses that all kinds of people buy and it creates a massive passive income for me. That's my favorite and my biggest form of passive income.

But What is the Weirdest Way I Make Passive Income?

Well, the weirdest way is occasionally I'll get this payment notification in my email and it says I made 31 cents. And I think it's funny because it's selling a sticker. Everytime I sell these stickers it makes me 31 cents, and I do that on the website. So with Redbubble, you can upload a design and then have it available in different formats. Like you could have it available in a mug like a coffee mug. You can have it available in stickers, and you can also have it available in t shirts of course, and notebooks.

Now these are just my branded merchandise, so I use Redbubble for that, but you can create basically designs of anything and have them available. They have all these types of products as well as other products including full wall tapestries, posters, and different types of clothing. It's pretty amazing what you can do with just one design.

Now when you do that and you list a design that's popular, then people will find it on the Redbubble, and they'll buy it from you. That creates a passive income because they already have the traffic you provide the products people buy from you, you make a royalty.

But anyway, the weirdest passive income I make is at 31 cent royalty whenever I sell these particular stickers on Redbubble. I thought that was funny. If you're interested in passive income primarily through online courses, which is my biggest source of passive income, be sure to follow my content and get my free Fast Start Guide. It’s a guide that will give you tips and tricks and help you jump start your own course marketing business. You can find my free Fast Start Guide at, so be sure to check it out. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Some of the Different Ways I Make A Passive Income

By Dave Espino | October 8, 2018 | Comments Off on Some of the Different Ways I Make A Passive Income

Welcome back, this is Dave Espino and today I wanted to talk about some of my sources of passive income. So let me do a quick rundown of some of the various passive income streams that I have.


Let's start with a website called Now Redbubble is a print on demand website, so what you do is you upload a design to Redbubble and then you can have that design printed on all kinds of merchandise. For example, I got the InfoBoss logo printed on a mug, I have that logo printed on stickers, I have that same logo printed on a notepads and things like that.

So you can take that same logo and have it published on a bunch of different things. So that's one form of passive income stream that I have.

I have a variety of different products up there. Redbubble already has traffic and when you have traffic, you match it up with a product, you have passive income.

Merch by Amazon

Another similar business is merch by Amazon, now merch by Amazon is Amazon's print on demand service where you upload some designs and then you can get tee shirts made with your design. So there, there's that and I have a bunch of tee shirt designs uploaded on merch by Amazon, and so whenever somebody finds one of my t shirts and buys it on Amazon, I get paid a royalty, right?

That's a passive income. The reason passive income happens is because you're matching up your product offering with traffic, and when you have ongoing traffic like you do on Amazon then you have ongoing income. Ongoing traffic leads to ongoing sales.

And if there's no need for you to be involved in either the traffic or the sales, that's passive income. Passive income is something you do once and then you just get paid over and over and over again.

The Kindle Marketplace

Another way that I have passive income is through the Kindle marketplace. So one of the things I did was I took some of my online courses and I got them transcribed and turned into ebooks on the Kindle marketplace. When you do that, you can also turn your books into paperback books.

If somebody decides to buy the paperback, I make money from that too. And I have quite a few books available. But by far my favorite form of passive income is online courses.

Why Are Online Courses the Best Form of Passive Income?

I have online courses in two main business models. One business model is in the Udemy marketplace, and other marketplaces like it. That is where I've got a bunch of my online courses, my smaller online courses.

The other business model is where you publish your online courses yourself through a sales funnel, and you self host your course. Now in that model you can make a lot more money primarily because you control the pricing.

See in the marketplace, they control the pricing and they'll sell your courses for really cheap. But in the self hosted sales funnel model, you control the pricing and you can sell your courses for $47, $97, $197, $297, $497. I've sold my courses for as much as $5,000 when combined with some coaching, mentoring, and that kind of thing.

That's where the big money is for me. Out of all these passive income streams, and I haven't even mentioned a couple of other kinds of streams like affiliate marketing, online courses are where the really big money is for me. It’s in creating unique online courses that I can sell to ongoing traffic and that generates me a very high passive income.

So there's a quick breakdown of some of my different passive income streams. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you like the idea of passive income, especially through online courses, I've developed a free Online Course Fast Start Kit to walk you through what you need to do. You can find that free kit at I'll see you next time.

The Best Platforms To Make Money With Online Teaching

By Dave Espino | October 5, 2018 | Comments Off on The Best Platforms To Make Money With Online Teaching

Hey this is Dave Espino, and today I'm answering a question I heard recently what's the best teaching platform to set up a course for? How can you make money online that earns income for every student that enrolls in it?”

Now this is a very specific question and I love it when people give me these specific questions. A lot of times people ask vague questions that require a lot of clarification, but this is a very specific question asking about where's the best place I can publish my course. If you've got a course about how to make money online, there are basically three great platforms that you can publish that course on.

The Top 3 Teaching Platforms Currently

Now WarriorPlus is not really well known outside of the small Internet marketing community, but in the Internet marketing community people know that warrior plus is the place where Internet marketing courses live. That's where Internet marketing courses exist. So if you have something about how to make money online then warrior plus is the place to publish it, because that's a huge market of people that are looking for information on that topic.

The next one, very similar to WarriorPlus is called JVZoo. JV stands for joint venture. That's another good one to publish. Any kind of how to make money online type of course.

And the third one that I'd recommend is Clickbank. Clickbank is one of the oldest payment processors and affiliate networks, and a lot of the courses on there are make money online courses now.

Clickbank does have a wide variety of different topics that you can find there, and it does have a good community of make money online affiliates that would be willing to market your course for you.

How to Choose Where to Post Your Course

Now, if you've got a really standout course, if you've got something that's really cutting edge or really exciting, then a warrior plus and JVZoo would probably be your best bet. This is primarily because they also have affiliates that are always looking for a good product to market. So if you've got something really hot, really interesting, really cutting edge, then you're going to need to find some affiliates that start promoting your course.

Not to mention that each of those sites,WarriorPlus and JVZoo, also have something called the “deal of the day” where if the curators find something really hot, really exciting, they might promote your course as the deal of the day.

In that case you can expect a lot of sales coming in from either of those two websites because they send out an email blast to all their members. What starts happening is the members get this email and they say, oh, that's a hot product? I want to promote it. And then they start requesting to be your affiliate and promoting your course as an affiliate.

What I Currently Do

Now here's what I do when I publish a “how to make money” online course on WarriorPlus or on JVZoo. I give it a chance to launch a period of time, maybe a couple months, 2 to 3 months for it to really run its course on those two platforms, and not to say that it's not going to keep making money.

It'll keep making money over time, but the initial boost is in that launch period of the first 2 or 3 months. Once that period has passed, then I'll take that same course and I'll publish it on Udemy and maybe on some of these other marketplace websites like SkillSuccess, Skillshare,,, CyberU; those kinds of places.

This way that online course has a second life. It has its initial life in the launch phase on WarriorPlus or JVZoo, but then it has a second life, a more of a evergreen life on Udemy and some of these other marketplace platforms. So that's what I would recommend if you have a how to make money online type of course, and in either of these situations you've got readymade traffic that's coming to your new course. That's a good way to go.

If you're interested in the online course business and want to learn more, you can get my free Fast Start kit at . There you'll receive my kit that walks you through each step of the course creation process. I hope you enjoyed this article, and I'll see you on the next one.

Which Online Course Instructor Earns The Most Money?

By Dave Espino | October 5, 2018 | Comments Off on Which Online Course Instructor Earns The Most Money?

Hey this is Dave Espino, the InfoBoss, and today I wanted to answer a question I heard recently “which online instructor earns the most money, and on which platform; Udemy, Teachable, Skillshare, etc.” Let me answer that question by saying the richest instructors are not going to be on a platform.

Where are the Richest Instructors at?

They're not going to be on Udemy They're not going to be on Teachable. They're not going to be on Skillshare. The instructors who earn the most money have a sales funnel that they've created that drives traffic to their course or a sales process. A sales funnel that drives traffic to a webinar where they can sell a high ticket course. That's where the action is. If you want it to be one of the most successful instructors, you can do that by creating your own self hosted plan with a sales funnel, and a sales process to filter out people that may not buy from you at the higher ticket levels.

Now I do this with a high ticket offer. A lot of people do it with high ticket offers and these sales funnel models far out earned. Anything you can make on a marketplace model like Udemy, Skillshare, etc can’t compare. Their worlds and worlds apart. They're in completely different galaxies.

The danger is that you get excited about Udemy, you become a Udemy instructor, you start creating courses there and you kind of get stuck in the Udemy vortex. You get stuck thinking this is the only way that I can make money with online courses. The reality is there's a much bigger and better way out there that you can make money with online courses, and it does not involve a marketplace because the marketplace is going to require revenue sharing. So they're going to keep 50% and even 75% of your money.

How is this Different from the Marketplaces?

The marketplace owns the students, not you, so they're going to have restrictions as to how you can communicate with your students. The marketplace has price restrictions so they can limit the pricing of your courses down to $10, $9.99 in some cases.

But when you're on your own, you could sell those courses for $97, $197, $297, $497, $997 even $1,500! There is a whole nother world out there and I want to be sure that you know about it because it's in your best interest to investigate it, to check it out, and to be aware you can make a lot more money with your content then you can on a marketplace.

Now the problem is sometimes people are selling 10 and 20 and 30 hour courses on a marketplace for $10. Right? That's horrible. I mean all that time you put into creating a course and yet it's selling for so little; that same 10, 20 or 30 hour course. A technical course could easily sell for 100, 200, 300, $500 if you're selling it outside of the marketplace.

Everybody Can Fall into the “Udemy Vortex”

But the reason people stick with the marketplace is partly it's kind of laziness. I think they figure “well I've got it here. I can make money here and I don't have to deal with learning a little bit about marketing.” And I can tell you I've been the same way, even though I knew there was this other way that I could do it.

I got kind of lured into the Udemy vortex and I've been selling my courses there for five years. Don't get me wrong, it's done well. Its given me a passive income, but that same energy that I used could have been used in the sales funnel model to make a lot more money.

So getting back to the question of which online instructor makes the most money. I mean, there's no comparison. The top instructor on Udemy makes about $3,000,000 a year. The top instructor in the sales funnel process makes 8 figures a year.

We're talking $10,000,000 or more per year. So there's just no comparison between the two models. Look to where else online courses are sold, and online courses are primarily best sold through your own self hosted plan in a sales funnel model. I hope you enjoyed this article, and I'll see you next time.

What are Good Businesses to Start to Make a Passive Income (While Working Full Time)

By Dave Espino | October 4, 2018 | Comments Off on What are Good Businesses to Start to Make a Passive Income (While Working Full Time)

Hey this is Dave Espino, and today I wanted to talk about some good businesses you can start for a passive income while working full time. I've got the right answer for you, and that is starting an online course business. If you're working full time, chances are good that you have some good work experiences, some good skills, some talents that you've developed in your full time job and even in your career history.

Things that you've learned how to manage people, how to deal with difficult customers. All kinds of things that you've learned and developed and taken in over the years. A lot of times, a lot of us don't give ourselves enough credit for the knowledge that we have, the talents that we've gained and the skills that we have. But those things can be sold. Those talents, those skills, those abilities, that knowledge, that life experience; that can be packaged up into an online course.

And you can turn that into a course that you can sell over and over and over again. It's an incredible business because there's a couple ways you can go with it.

The Marketplace Model

Number one, you can put it on a marketplace website like Udemy,, CyberU, Skillshare, SkillSuccess, and have that same course on all these different marketplaces. They do some of the work of marketing for you, so they basically bring you students and you get paid so you get an ongoing monthly income every single month. That's amazing, right?

The Sales Funnel Model

The other way you can go is to have a sales funnel. That is you do your own marketing by taking people through some simple steps to where they eventually buy your course from you. That is amazing because not only can you charge a lot more money for your content and your course, but you get to keep 100 percent of the revenue.

But What’s the Difference?

On the marketplace you've got to share the revenue, usually 50 percent but sometimes less. So by taking your existing knowledge, skills, abilities, your hobbies, even your passions or interests, you can make an ongoing passive income. It's perfect if you're working a 9 to 5 because now every one of those courses that you create is a new passive income stream that you stack on top of the previous income streams. If your end goal is to leave that job and to be out on your own and be your own self employed, then it's great because you're building up income on top of income on top of income.

This happens to the point where eventually you've got enough stable, solid income coming in that you can easily leave that 9 to 5 in the dust and you can now take on the life of an online entrepreneur. And let me tell you that lifestyle is incredible. So that's what I would do. That's my answer. I hope you liked it, and if you did, be sure to follow me to see more content surrounding the online course business in the future. I’ll see you next time.

How You Can Make Money Online From Home Using Your Laptop

By Dave Espino | October 3, 2018 | Comments Off on How You Can Make Money Online From Home Using Your Laptop

Hey this is Dave Espino, the InfoBoss and welcome back. Today I'm going to talk about how someone can make money from home online using their laptop and the Internet. Now as someone who's done this for almost 20 years now, I can tell you there are several ways to do it.

Through Selling Products Online

One of the best and easiest ways is to sell stuff online, like selling things on Ebay or Amazon. That's one of the easiest, lowest hanging fruit types of opportunities that exist. You can buy stuff locally at thrift stores, flea markets, swap meets.You can buy stuff locally using the Facebook marketplace or using the local Facebook classified ads. You can buy stuff locally and then sell it globally on Ebay or Amazon and you would be amazed at the kind of profits you can make. Now that's a work intensive type of business, but it's a great, honest business where you can buy stuff and flip it online for great profits.

Through Freelancing

Another way that you can make money online with your computer is to be a freelancer. By freelancing, I mean that you can go to these websites like or You can publish a profile there explaining what all your skills are, all the different things that you can do, and then people will hire you to do some of that stuff. So if you have basic office skills, you know how to work with spreadsheets, you know how to do some simple accounting, even proofreading or translating, there are many different tasks that you can do.

If you just go visit those websites, you'll see what I mean. They have a list of all the different types of tasks that people are doing right now. So you can do that and you can make some pretty good money as a freelancer just offering your services online.

My Favorite Method of Making Money Online

The Third Way and the way that I liked the most is you can take your skills, your knowledge, your abilities, your talents, and package them up into a how to course a video course or video training. A course that shows people how to do what you're already good at, and that's a lot easier to do than you might imagine because if you can put a Powerpoint presentation together an narrate it over your computer, then you've got a course.

It's a very, very simple way to build out an online course but once you do that, you can publish it on a variety of different marketplaces, not just on one! You can actually publish it on many different marketplaces, and every one of these marketplaces will start sending you income every time someone buys your online course.

It's an incredible way to make money because it's not work intensive. You do the work once, and then it just keeps paying you over and over and over again. So I have a preference for the online course business. I have over 60 online courses, 60 different income streams coming in from a variety of different marketplaces. So I love this business. It gives me a massive passive and that's why I love teaching about it and showing people how to be successful with the online course business. If you’re interested in the online course business, follow my content for more articles and I look forward to seeing you next time.