How Do You Turn Trash Into Cash Using Amazon FBA? Let Amanda Show You How…


I just finished reading Amanda Craven’s latest eBook and course, titled: “How To Turn Your Unwanted Trash Into Amazon Cash!” and once again, I am impressed!

This is an excellent course that shows you how to get started with Amazon’s amazing FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) program.

Amazon has made selling online SUPER SIMPLE by handling all your picking, packing and shipping for you!

This is a groundbreaking program which takes away all the “excuses” for not being successful online – all you have to do is get good at sourcing products and Amanda’s new course shows you exactly how to do it.

She actually points you to resources that show you where the goodies are and how you can check your profit margins before you buy, to ensure that you are making money, every time.

Again, if you are already an Amazon FBA veteran, this might be too basic for you (although I believe everyone can benefit from the interesting product sourcing strategies) but if you’ve NEVER sold on Amazon using FBA, this is the perfect guide to get you started on the right track. (Some of this info sells for several hundred dollars, at least, on other websites)

Check it out right here:






Amazon & eBay Product Sourcing Master Class

Amazon & eBay Product Sourcing Master Class

33 Proven Strategies For Sourcing High-Profit Products For Your

Amazon FBA & eBay Business

If you are an Amazon FBA / eBay seller, then you know that there is one HUGE KEY to having all the success you want.


It’s called Sourcing Products.


If you can get good at sourcing higher-profit products, then it’s like having the “keys to the kingdom” in the ecommerce world, right?


And on the opposite side of the coin, if you DON’T get good at product sourcing, then you will just continue to struggle. (until you DO get good at it)


In fact, in today’s world, the ability to source high-profit products is the MAIN THING that sets you apart from anyone else who is doing this business.


When you source high-profit products, you can now:

  • Enjoy higher profits

  • Enjoy faster profits

  • Enjoy big returns

  • Enjoy faster sell-through / turnover

  • Enjoy more freedom of time

  • Enjoy fewer returns

  • And have less worries and stress

Let me make a bold statement here…


I’ve been sourcing products all my life… I began when I was 7 years old!


When I was 7, my parents started selling at local flea markets in Southern California and one of my special rewards for helping them set up shop was that I would go out and hunt for collectible Hot Wheels cars!


(Little did I know that, many years later, I would be buying and selling tens of thousands of these collectibles in a modern-day version of a flea market known as eBay, and that it would become my full-time business!)


Over the years, I developed some very exciting strategies for negotiating and for finding amazing deals at flea markets – deals I turned into profits of up to 900%.


You may be aware of my eBay infomercial? (it ran on major cable networks such as CNBC, Fox Business, Discovery, Travel and History Channels and it was seen by millions of Americans)


Well, what a lot of people don’t know is that, throughout that 11-year marketing campaign for my eBay Training Product, I was constantly studying, testing and proving out the BEST product-sourcing strategies.


You see, I wanted to be sure that I had the latest and best, updated and improved eBay training with the latest, greatest product-sourcing strategies!


I have since created many courses about product sourcing so I decided to put ALL of my product-sourcing knowledge and experience into one HUGE “Master Class” so you can have ALL of my top product-sourcing strategies crammed into one amazing training!


You’ll discover, and see, with REAL-WORLD EXAMPLES:

  • How to source products in new, innovative ways

  • How to get products for FREE that you can resell for profits

  • How to use innovative dropshipping strategies so you never ship

  • How to do eBay / Amazon arbitrage (again, no shipping!)

  • How to do Amazon / eBay arbitrage

  • How to source products online so you never have to touch your products

  • How to set up exclusive product-sourcing arrangements so you have NO COMPETITION

  • How to copy my system which “attracts” high-profit products TO YOU

  • How to use little-known, automated tools that actually FIND THE DEALS FOR YOU

  • How to access new products from little-known “offline” auction sources

  • How to “hack” your way into new, exciting product sources that let you dropship!

  • How to find suppliers of HIGH PROFIT PRODUCTS that no one else knows about and who would LOVE to give you great deals that you can make money on!

And much, much more!

In short, you get my “Legacy Training Course” – something that everyone in the Amazon / eBay community can use IMMEDIATELY to make hundreds of thousands in sales!


You see, when you know how to source high-profit products, you have the keys to the kingdom and you can pretty much name your income level!


And, especially with Amazon FBA, it’s all about “reinvesting your profits” over and over again (and in larger amounts) so as to build a “critical mass” of high profits and high income.

This Master Class will show you multiple, high-profit ways to accomplish that through high-level product sourcing, so that you get to your goals MUCH FASTER!

You’re invited!


I’d like to invite you to join me on this special “Amazon & eBay Product Sourcing Master Class”.


The Master Class consists of 3 webinars that were recorded live as I presented them over a 3 week series.


Each webinar was a little over an hour, so you are getting 4 hours of the best, most rock-solid product-sourcing training that you could get ANYWHERE!


To order my Amazon & eBay Product Sourcing Master Class, just click the “Add To Cart” button below.


Amazon & eBay Product Sourcing Master Class

Only $97


And, when you order today, you will also get my course:


“How To Get Amazing Deals At Flea Markets” as a FREE BONUS. ($47 value)



(Free Course Coupon Will Be Emailed To You Soon After You Order)

See you on the webinar!

Dave Espino


Wholesale Gold – How To Rake In Amazon Profits On Autopilot [REVIEW]

Wholesale Gold Review

One of the most common questions I get from my eBay / Amazon students is this:

“Dave, can you point me to some good wholesalers / dropshippers so I can start my business?”

But there’s a whole ‘nother level available to you! You can now AUTOMATE the process of sourcing and sending your inventory to Amazon FBA.

About 2 weeks ago, I introduced you to Amanda Craven, who wrote “Amazon Gold – The Lazy Way To Amazon Profits”. (See my review of Amazon Gold here) That’s a great product that has my highest recommendation (many of you ordered it and loved it) because it shows you how to access products online for Amazon FBA.

Well, imagine my surprise when I found out that Amanda has just released a brand-new product, filled with insider tips on how to get inventory from wholesalers and automate the whole process!

(It’s only been two weeks since her last product!)

And, this is not just the standard stuff that you can find online, this is insider information by someone who is doing it! (and is the perfect complement to “Amazon Gold”)

In this groundbreaking 73-page report, (perfect for eBay OR Amazon sellers) you’ll get these great tips and strategies:


  • How you can grow your eBay / Amazon business with wholesale products
  • How to set your business up so that wholesalers will take you seriously
  • How to access the best wholesalers in the U.S. and U.K.
  • How to contact the wholesalers (what to say)
  • The 4 critical things you must ask any wholesaler before you do business with them
  • How to screen wholesalers so you don’t get scammed
  • How to use retail arbitrage to find winners that you can then buy wholesale
  • An interesting strategy for finding wholesalers (Page 54)
  • How to create bundles with popular items for slam-dunk, home-run winners
  • Developing product lines rather than just selling one-off products
  • How to AUTOMATE the entire process so that your WHOLESALERS prepare and ship their items to Amazon FOR YOU!
  • Access to Amanda’s Secret Supplier’s Vault, containing some of her top wholesale sources
  • How to get your VA (virtual assistant) set up to run the entire business for you
  • How to fully automate your Amazon FBA so that you NEVER EVEN TOUCH THE INVENTORY!


Once again, this is cutting-edge information about automating your business that I recommend – Amanda’s latest ebook really does have the solid info you need to access wholesalers and automate your eBay and Amazon business!

In fact, because it’s so good, I’d like to sweeten the deal for you…

If you order “Wholesale Gold – How To Rake In Amazon Profits On Autopilot” through THIS LINK, I am also going to add in my own FREE BONUS

You will get FREE ACCESS to my course titled: “eBay vs. Amazon”, which has received rave reviews!

So, go ahead and order here, and you will get my “eBay vs. Amazon” course for free. (the link will be included in the same place where you access your “Wholesale Gold” product)

Wholesale Gold comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain!


31 Dirty Little Traffic Secrets – Matt Bacak / Ross Goldberg [REVIEW]

31 Dirty Little Traffic Tips

Recently, I discovered an exciting new product (video / audio + report) that is titled: “31 Dirty Little Tricks To Get Free And Cheap Traffic Online”.

Basically, this product consists of legendary marketer Matt Bacak interviewing a “behind the scenes” “Ninja” marketer, Ross Goldberg (formerly of Stompernet, the legendary SEO and traffic think tank) and getting some of the most amazing traffic generation techniques down on video / audio / transcripts.

Once I ordered it and started reading the transcript, I just could not put it down! (The traffic generation strategies in it are that good)

There were so many creative and effective traffic strategies in this thing that I was taking notes and creating an action plan to move forward and get all the traffic I could get!

These are extremely creative strategies that most of us “normal folks” would never even think of – they are truly Ninja, Jedi, Master tricks and tips!

And, just as important as knowing “What to do”, is knowing “How to do it”.

This is what makes this product so special. Ross covers details which include strategy, negotiation and more.

And of course, Matt asks him some “good questions” to dig this stuff out of him!

So, here’s a list of some of the strategies, just to show you how intriguing they are: (I can’t give the full names of some of these away, sorry)

1. ______ _______ Arbitrage

2. ______ YouTube _________

4. Promote a ____

5. Buy _____ ads

7. 50 ____ ____ Ads

9. Retargeting strategy

10. ______ Audience

11. FB ______ Strategy

12. The Twitters ______

13. _____ _____ Blogs

14. Social ____ ____ Attitude

16. ________ Arbitrage

17. The Hangout _____

18. How To Make _______ Rank Insanely Well

21. Slide ______ Secrets

24. False ________

25. Traffic Exchanges in _______

26. The Secret To Getting Traffic From Any Website.

27. Launch ____

28. Out ______ Swiping

30. _______ Sharing Tricks

31. ________ Marketing On Steriods


This is truly “Insider” traffic strategy, tips and tricks.

There are actually TWO “Dirty” tricks that I would recommend you NOT use. (They are clearly identified within the training as “Dirty Tricks”) I would call them grey / black hat traffic strategies and I personally will not use them, but it is at least very interesting to see how some people are getting traffic) but 97% of these are powerful, ethical and solid traffic strategies that you can use immediately to build traffic to your site.

In fact, you could give your favorite strategies to an outsourcer to do for you (so you can focus on your business) and start driving tons of fresh, new traffic to your site!

I strongly recommend “31 Dirty Little Tricks To Get Free And Cheap Traffic Online” for anyone who wants to drive new traffic to their website, squeeze page, Udemy course or any other web property you may need traffic to.

Product Details:

  • 31 Dirty Little Tricks PDF (39-page interview transcript)
  • 31 Dirty Little Tricks Checklist
  • 31 Dirty Little Tricks Video (2:15 hrs)
  • 31 Dirty Little Tricks Audio

Who Is This Product Perfect For?

Anyone who wants to get FREE and CHEAP traffic to their Websites, Udemy courses, YouTube videos, Facebook Fanpages – pretty much any online property! If you need traffic, and lots of it, then this is the product for you.

To check this product out, visit: “31 Dirty Little Tricks To Get Free And Cheap Traffic Online”


Amazon Gold – The Lazy Way To Amazon Profits [REVIEW]

Amazon Gold - The Lazy Way To Amazon Profits

I just purchased this brand new Amazon FBA training titled “Amazon Gold – The Lazy Way To Amazon Profits” produced by Amanda Craven.

It consists of A 62 page report that is full of product sourcing tips and product sourcing worksheets. Also included is another report titled: “Amazon Resources Bonus Guide’ which is full of free and paid resources.

What initially intrigued me about this product is that Amanda has discovered / innovated a variety of ways to source Amazon FBA inventory without leaving her home!

I am a big fan of Amazon FBA, because Amazon picks, packs and ships your products out for you so that all you have to do is focus on sourcing new products to re-sell. This is a huge benefit that is only available through Amazon’s “Fulfillment By Amazon” (FBA) program and it is allowing people to make massive, six-figure incomes using this method!

The only drawback to that, (and admittedly, it is a tiny drawback) is that you usually have to go out and source these products physically – sometimes through “retail arbitrage” (buying at big box stores at closeout sales or other big discount opportunities) or through thrifts stores, flea markets, etc.

Still, this is a highly profitable and proven business model that is currently making some sellers as much as $1 million a year in sales!

Now, what if you could get rid of the physical product sourcing and instead find online ways to source those products?

That’s what “Amazon Gold – The Lazy Way To Amazon Profits” is all about!

It is truly a gem and (although I’ve read through it once already) I am going through it again – more carefully this time and also taking notes – because the strategies in this training are truly exciting and remote control strategies!

(Imagine being able to automate the process of product sourcing and then of course the Amazon FBA program makes the shipping automated, too? That’s the best of all worlds!)

Check out “Amazon Gold – The Lazy Way To Amazon Profits” – I recommend it!


Could this be the holy grail of free website traffic?


It’s the cry of anyone who wants to make money with their website:

“How do I get tons of traffic to my website?” (preferably FREE website traffic…)

Well, I just found a software tool that is so exciting, that I had to buy it as soon as it was released – it’s that good…

This is a clean, white-hat way to get tons of “buyer” traffic to your website.

You can stream massive numbers of targeted visitors to your websites WITHOUT paying for ads.


This is a pretty amazing new software that has just changed the game of generating traffic overnight.

No more worrying about your Google rankings and no paying for Facebook Ads…

Simply said, this has NEVER been done before… Until now!

You’ve got to watch the video and see the FREE TRAFFIC results here:


I’m totally excited about this clean, white-hat free traffic tool and I’m setting up free traffic campaigns as we speak – get your free traffic

This is a no-brainer, be sure to check it out!


The Mega Shift – The Rise of Digital Media And How To Make Money With It

[uvc-youtube id=”aCX2WCql23g” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″]

The internet has created massive changes in how we communicate.

This video described these “mega-shift” changes and how you can benefit from them.

Today, there are micro-jobs, outsourcing websites and task sites where you can get paid to do small, micro tasks and build a nice living doing so.

This is an exciting new development that I will be reporting on in the near future!

Be sure to visit where you can register to get the latest notifications about these micro task opportunities.

This is, hands down, my favorite way to make money online…

My favorite way to make money (and it just so happens that it is also
where I've made the most money) is by selling information online.

I love it because you create your information product ONCE and then
you can turn it into an ongoing income that continuously gets deposited
into your accounts. (It comes in whether you work or not!)

I remember the very first time I sold an information product online...

It was my first eBook titled: "Beyond eBay".

(Back in 2001, when I did this, it was so much harder to sell info-products
online than it is today, but when that very first payment came in...
it was only $29.95... I was SO EXCITED!)

Now, I wasn't excited that I had made $29.95...

But I was REALLY excited because someone had come to my site, they read
my sales copy and decided to buy!

I knew right away, that all I had to do was ramp it up and I could make
thousands a month. (which is exactly what I ended up doing - I turned
that little eBook into a $3,000 a month passive income)

I then went on to make millions selling my information!

The feeling of freedom and control that you get when you start selling
your own info-products is completely exhilarating!

So I want to tell you some exciting news - I've decided to re-launch
my Infopreneur Mastery Program! (and, at an investment that is now
DRAMATICALLY REDUCED from the original!)

Here's the scoop:

The Infopreneur Mastery Program is my intensive coaching program where
I walk you, step-by-step, to success online.

This program must be updated and renamed because, very soon, I will be
offering it to students from stages all across America.

If you've ever wanted a business that gives you a high income, (and
an income that you don't have to do much to maintain) then this is for you.

If you've ever wanted to create a REAL info-products BUSINESS, and I mean
a business that builds to a high six-figure income, then you've got to
watch the video I've prepared for you.

This truly is an exciting opportunity to learn the Info-Product business
from someone who has done it (sold many millions worth of my own
products) and someone who is STILL doing it, today...
(the low investment for this coaching will shock you)


I am totally excited to share my proven strategies with you and to help
you see tons of success as an Infopreneur!

To your success,

Dave Espino

PS: I am providing a SUPER-LOW INVESTMENT for this amazing coaching program
because I need to have this program ready for my speaking engagements.

That's why YOU get to benefit by being in on the recording of it!!


PSS: This will never be offered at this low of an investment again...
You'll kick yourself if you miss this!

Apply This Navy SEALS Tips For Achieving Your Business Goals

Dave Espino Business Training

One of the toughest, most demanding things I can think of is the rigors and intensity of becoming and being a Navy SEAL.

I would bet that we can’t even begin to understand the hard work and intense practice that it takes to be one of America’s finest.

The training that SEAL recruits get into is designed to test their minds, body and spirit to see if they are mentally and physically tough enough to pull of some of the most demanding tasks assigned to anyone in the Navy.

I found it an interesting fact that many military vets end up starting their own business.

Is it any wonder? Many of America’s soldiers have been through the crucible of intense training, discipline and supervised risk-taking – perfect training for starting and running your own business!

Here’s a great Business Insider article by a former Navy SEAL that shows you his tips for achieving your goals:




5 Tips For The Home Based Business Owner

[caption id="attachment_1255" align="aligncenter" width="614"]5 Tips For Home Based Business Success 5 Tips For Home Based Business Success[/caption]

When you start your own home based business, you may be excited at the thought of waking up when you want, having freedom to work in your pajamas and generally enjoying the freedom of being a home based business owner.

And, while all of those are definitely benefits of working from home, there are a few drawbacks, as well – mostly centered around being able to discipline yourself to “get the work done”.

As someone who has worked from home for most of the last 30 years, I’d like to share a few tips.

1. Create a schedule – and stick to it!

Your daily habits are what will determine your success in your home business.

And I know from experience that, if you don’t intentionally create a schedule, you’ll probably default to “just doing whatever”. And let me tell you, that does not work!

So, the very first thing you need to do is develop a clear working schedule that works for you.

What are your “working hours” and when will you take breaks for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

When will you make time for exercise or just getting out?

Are you intentionally setting up your schedule to take advantage of the “non-rush hours” for running errands? (One of the best benefits of working from home – you can run errands during the daytime hours while everyone else is at their 9-5 job!)


2. Stay off TV, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Video Games and any other Time-Sucks!

Oh, this is a critical one. I had to learn this one the hard way, many, many years ago, when I first started working from home…

You see, it’s difficult to stay off of these time wasters, because deep down inside, you want to spend time on things that give you instant gratification – and building a home based business usually does not give you instant gratification.

So we move towards the path of least resistance and usually, that means seeing what our friends are doing on Facebook, or checking out new “pins” on Pinterest, or seeing what this celebrity said or did, or playing a video game, etc.

These all give us some sense of instant gratification or entertainment, but they do not pay our bills!

They do not build our business and they do not get us moving forward!

Be sure to tackle this challenge, head on and defeat the time wasters – these can kill your business and kill your bank account!

Set aside time each day to check Facebook or to spend time on one of these time wasters, but be sure to set it as a reward for getting some work done, not as something you check throughout the day.

If you do this, you’ll be fine!


3. Create a daily, prioritized task list

When you start the day with a list of tasks that you must get done that day, you are hitting the ground running, from “minute one” and you are mentally ready to take on the day.

Too many people leave their day to chance or just go from one task to the next, based on necessity.

But when you plan out your days, (preferably the night before) you will be far ahead of your peers.

Start by writing everything you need to get done and then begin giving each item a score (A, B, C or 1, 2, 3) to help you prioritize the tasks.

When you do this, you will then work from the most important task to the next important task, and so on, until all the days tasks are done!

You won’t believe how much more efficient you will be when you write a list. You don’t even have to necessarily read the list – sometimes just the writing of the list is all you need!

4. Outsource wisely

In my business, I have a web designer who helps me build out websites (my own and my clients’ websites) and he is a great help.

In other aspects of my business, I outsource a variety of tasks to people who can do them better, faster or cheaper than my time is worth.

There are a variety of outsourcing websites, such as, and as well as other micro job sites.

These can be extremely helpful in getting things done that are outside of your realm of skill sets or that are just easier and cheaper to hire someone else to do.

When you outsource wisely, you are taking your “highest and best use” skills and maximizing them while paying someone else to do the rest.

This is a win / win for you and allows you to focus on what you do best.


5. Keep things in perspective

Mornings are a great time to enjoy some quiet, reflective time before you jump into your day.

In the mornings, I read the bible, journal and spend some time in prayer and it is a great way to start the day centered and strong.

Other great options you may decide on: meditating, listening to soft music or listening to audios with great teachings. Whatever you decide, mornings are a great time to start off in a centered, solid position and work from there.

If you just jump into your day without this, the tendency is to wind up feeling stressed, frazzled or at best, not at your optimum.

Hey, you have a home based business, right? Why not make the best of it by starting every morning off right?

So there you have it, my 5 tips to home based business success. Take these tips and run with them, and let me know how they’ve helped you!