Vintage Video Game Collection Sells For Over $1 Million!

You tell me – is there money to be made in vintage collectibles? (Well, I’ve known the answer for years, but check this out…) Just ran across this article on about a vintage video game collector who sold a giant collection of video games for $1.2 Million on eBay! ARTICLE LINK: This French…

Winning the Storage Wars – How to Use My “Pyramid of Value” to Make Money with Storage Auctions

Hi, this is Dave Espino with and in today’s storage auction tip of the day, I want to share with you what I call my “Pyramid of Value” concept. The pyramid of value concept is really simple.

Let’s say you just bought a storage unit and you’re very excited to dig through all the boxes, dig through the storage unit to find all the stuff that you bought. Now, what you want to do is you want to sort those items based on what I call my Pyramid of Value.

And the reason I called it a pyramid is because at the very top you’ve got the high value antiques and collectibles. (And usually there are less of those than everything else, right?) But those are the high value items that you want to set aside very carefully, maybe do some research on them and then determine where’s the best place to sell those items to squeeze the most profit out of them.

That’s where you’re going to make probably the lion’s share of your profit – is at the very top of the pyramid.

Now the second place is collectibles, maybe they’re not as high value collectibles and items that are brand new in-the-box. Items that are brand new or in the box are awesome because there are particular ways you can sell these brand new items very, very easily without having to take a lot of your time. It’s almost remote control profits – it’s so awesome to sell these brand new items in the box. So that’s your second level of the pyramid.

The third level of the pyramid is larger, high-value items and larger, high-value collectibles. I’m talking about things like antique furniture. These are items that are a little bit bulkier, a little harder to move but they still retain really good value.

So, those items you want to sell in a completely different venue than the other two levels in the pyramid. You see what I’m saying? Because you’re going to use a completely different marketplace and and even a different way to sell those items.

The fourth level is large, common household items. Were talking about a stove, were talking about a refrigerator, things like that are large common household items. They’re sellable, but they’re bulky. So there’s a whole different place and a whole different way to sell those items so that you reduce the amount of effort that you have to use in turning those into a profit and so that you sell them quickly.

And then there’s another level in the pyramid (towards the bottom) and that is: common items that are worth fifteen dollars or more. Common items that are worth fifteen dollars or more are sold in a different marketplace altogether and we need to be aware that this is a good marketplace for these types of items.

Then, at the very bottom of the pyramid you’ve got common items that are worth fifteen dollars or less. Now these are kind of the “bottom-of-the-barrel” items, but you’ll be amazed at how many of these items are going to still make you money that will add to your overall profit in the value pyramid.

So, that’s my Pyramid of Value concept! Now, in every one of these levels there is a right place and a wrong place to sell these items. To squeeze the most out of those items and get the most out of that storage unit for yourself. And I’ll teach you all these things in my video training called ‘Insider Secrets to Making Money with Storage Auctions.’

I mean, I go into full blown detail on the absolute best places to sell every type of item that you might find in a storage unit, to squeeze the most money out of those items because it’s not just about spending as little as possible on that storage unit, it’s also about getting as much as possible out of that storage unit!

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Win the Storage Wars – The “Magical Transformation” When You Win A GREAT Storage Unit!

Hi this is Dave Espino with and in today’s “storage auction tip of the day” I want to talk about the magical transformation that happens as soon as you buy a winning storage unit. You know, it has happened so many times I’ll invest a few hundred bucks – maybe two hundred dollars to buy a storage unit that’s worth three or four thousand dollars!

And that’s the magical transformation; the fact that you were able to buy thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, for just a few hundred dollars. You were able to buy merchandise for only a hundred dollars. Suddenly you’re three or four thousand dollars richer!

Now, you can literally take that merchandise and flip it on eBay or flip it on Amazon and make money immediately. You can make money the same day!

As soon as you get that storage unit and possession of that storage unit you are able to take that stuff and flip it and sell it. So, the initial minimal risk that you take for a few hundred dollars to actually buy that storage unit is returned to you very quickly, if you know what you’re doing.

So, that’s today’s storage auction tip of the day. I just wanted to share with you that it’s so awesome to be able to turn two hundred dollars, three hundred dollars and to make thousands of dollars and you can flip that stuff very quickly.

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I’ve just completed a cool video series all about making money with Facebook.

In this series, I show you:

  • Facebook pages I’ve created for local businesses
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  • How to use Facebook Ads to target your prime customers / clients

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Win the Storage Wars – Does This Ninja Secret Let You PREDICT What’s Inside A Storage Unit?

Hey! This is Dave Espino with and I have a few questions for you today. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find out what type of person rented a storage unit before you went to that auction to bid on that unit?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could predict what was inside the storage unit based on just a little bit of previous knowledge?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you knew that a unit could possibly contain business inventory? Imagine knowing about tons and tons of brand new merchandise (before they even opened the door) and if you knew this ahead of time – before going into the auction?

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what type of merchandise you’re likely to find, based on some clues that you knew about ahead of time?

Well, there IS a way to do all of this!

It almost feels like you’re psychic because you can know ahead of time, before you go to the auction, what you’re likely to find in that storage unit. It’s awesome!

It’s a ninja strategy that I teach in my new course called “Insider Secrets To Making Money With Storage Auctions” and you can find the course at

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I mean we break every single aspect of it down…

  • How to make money with storage auctions.
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  • How to pay the least amount possible.
  • How to develop a great bidding strategy.

The bottom line is: how to WIN at storage unit auctions.

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How to Find Storage Auctions – Storage Auctions in Your City

Hey, this is Dave Espino with storage auctions training and I want to share with you one of the questions that people ask the most about storage auctions and that is, “How can I find these storage auctions in my area” or “where do I find these storage auctions in my area?”

So I want to give you a couple of answers today. There are even more answers in my training course but I do want to share some of the answers that we have here today.

I subscribe to a publication called Storage Auction News. Now, storage auction news has been around forever. In fact, I’ve been a subscriber there for 11 years now. And what they do is they have this pink sheet (actually several sheets) that is mailed out to you and it’s Storage Auction News, it will literally tell you all the storage auctions happening in your area. The one I subscribe to happens to be for Southern California and as you can see here, this is tomorrow’s auctions, starting Wednesday all the way through to here, almost the entire page – all happening tomorrow in one day.

So that shows how many storage auctions are happening right now in the Southern California area. We’ve circled a couple here, we’ve circled Laguna Niguel, San Clemente, Costa Mesa, Laguna Hills, there’s an auction in Burbank we might check out. There’s Aliso Viejo, Laguna Woods, Laguna Hills and then there’s some down near Santa Monica and Venice and there’s Irvine, Lake Forest and Santa Monica. You’ve got a good range and some of these are the ones that we’re going to.

What we do is we create an itinerary and follow from one city to the next city.

Now, at each one of these facilities, there can be anywhere from 1 to 22 units being auctioned off – or even more depending on the facility – so that creates huge opportunity for you to be able to attend storage auctions on a constant basis. So that’s one way that you can actually find about them.

This sheet is actually only for Southern California auctions. They also have a Northern California option.

Now, in the old days, it was difficult to find out where the storage auctions were. You’d have to get out the Yellow Pages book. Then, you’d have to call all your local self-storage facilities in the area. And it was kind of difficult. It was a lot of manual labor, just labor intensive.

Nowadays, I’ve developed about eight different ways that you could find storage auctions in your local area – in my “Insider Secrets to Making Money with Storage Auctions” new video course.

My new video course has four and a half hours of training on how to make money with storage auctions. Everything from profiling units, everything from what to look for in the units, everything from how to buy low and sell for the absolute highest amount of money is all included in my video training.

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I wish you tons of success in your storage auction adventure!

The 4 Critical Factors To Long Term Business Success

In my years of studies on success, I’ve discovered that success really only boils down to a few key things.

Master these things, (assuming you have an excellent business vehicle, such as eBay, affiliate marketing or internet marketing) and you will become successful.

I will list four of the key components to success here, but today, I want to focus on the two main ingredients in this article.

Core components to success:

  • Your attitude, or mindset
  • Your actions, or daily activities you do to get you to success
  • Your vision, such as your ability to visualize and believe in your outcomes
  • Your ability to leverage your actions and scale up to your vision

I listed Attitude and Actions at the top because without these two components, you won’t even get off the ground.

Today, I want to discuss the critical ingredient, your attitude or mindset.


1. Attitude

I once had a mentor who lived by the credo: “Attitude is everything” and I completely agree.

When your attitude is right, you cannot help but do great things in your life.

A lot is said about attitude, but no one really takes the time to break it down to its essential elements.

I want to do that right here.

Developing a positive, winning attitude is something that you must cultivate over time – it doesn’t come naturally and there is very little support for it in the “real world”.

  • Your co-workers are generally not positive and excited, are they?
  • Your spouse or significant other is often not positive and excited about your involvement in an eBay business.
  • Your general peer group is usually not that excited and positive about their prospects in life.

You may have heard the phrase: “If it is to be, it is up to me”

Well, if you want to improve your attitude and your mindset, (and therefore improve your life dramatically) then that is what this is going to take – a personal effort on your part and an attitude of never quitting.

First of all, I want to define attitude and mindset so that we are on the same page when we discuss these terms:

Attitude – The way I define attitude is: “An unbeatable, daring spirit of winning that never quits until the goal is achieved”

There are several words there that I want to focus on…

The 4 Critical Factors To Long Term Business SuccessUnbeatable – have you ever been unbeatable at something? There is an unshakable feeling of confidence in yourself when you achieve that level of success.

When you are unbeatable, you have the attitude that says: “Bring it on – I can take whatever you’re bringing!”

This unbeatable (a more poetic word would be indomitable, which is similar to invincible) spirit allows you to keep on keeping on, even when things seem impossible. I believe you MUST have this spirit in order to succeed in anything. (But, what if you don’t have this spirit? Read on!)

The next word I used to describe attitude was “daring”.

I believe that to accomplish anything great in life, you must have a bit of a “daredevil” spirit.

If you study successful entrepreneurs, you find that many of them are actively involved in action sports or are just seriously into “living life” and not just sitting around on a couch.

There has to be a little bit of that daring spirit in someone who wants to make it big.

The next descriptor I used was a “spirit of winning that never quits”.

When you have the spirit of winning and you never quit, you have the edge over most other people.

Most people want what’s easy and winning is usually not easy.

Winning comes after hard practice, preparation and work and those are things most people are not willing to do – therefore, most people do not end up winning!

And one thing people will do easily is quit.

They’ll quit their marriage if things get uncomfortable, they’ll quit on their dreams if things get difficult, they’ll quit on themselves, too! (though they would never really call it that)

I believe that if you want to win in your eBay business, you need to have these things in place.


How To Get The Winning Attitude – The Winning Edge

You know, the sad thing is, we are not typically brought up to learn even the basics of acquiring a winning attitude.

You are not taught how to have a great, winning attitude in school, for the most part. (some sports coaches often do a great job at this, but many people do not decide to apply these lessons to life after school)

Many parents do not know how to impart this winning attitude. (or know that it is a vital part of a child’s success habits that will benefit them later in life.

And colleges and universities do not really get into this topic, either!

So, how do you acquire this winning, indomitable spirit?

Here’s what I recommend – make this your goal:

I believe that acquiring a positive, winning attitude will result from constantly feeding your mind positive inputs.

Below is a list of positive inputs you can use to “pump up” your attitude over the long term:

  • Positive CDs, Videos and audio books
  • Positive, inspirational movies
  • Positive peer groups and friends (don’t have any? Make some by attending seminars)
  • Positive seminars, workshops and bootcamps
  • Learning from successful people – reading their books gives you an insight into their mindset
  • Careful control of other inputs – avoiding negative inputs like destructive or violent video games, movies, TV shows, broadcast news, newspapers and other media that tend to focus on the negative in the world
  • Carefully limiting the amount of attention you give to the negative or smaller-thinking people in your life.

Here’s what I believe and what has worked for me:

If you do not have a local mentor who can help you be as big as you want to be; then do it yourself, by immersing yourself in positive inputs.

By doing this, you will begin to think bigger, you will expand your mind and you will also open up all kinds of channels of new thinking.

As you get further into this adventure, you will begin to meet people that are like-minded and that also want to win. Align yourself with good people and begin to build your own network of positive friends and your own mastermind group.

By doing this, you can definitely build your attitude and your mindset and, most importantly, you will become a winner in business and in life.

2. Activity And Actions

Right now, as you sit and read this article, your success (or lack of) is a direct result of the actions you’ve taken up to this point.

When you look back on this year, the success you experienced this year will be directly related to the actions you decided to take.

Did you take “success actions: or “failure actions”?

Another way to look at it is that you will be the sum total of the decisions you made and the habits you developed throughout the year.

These decisions or actions are what will determine your success this year.

So, if you can take some time to sit down – right now – and write down some goals and outcomes that you’d like to see, put some timeframes to them and lay out an action plan, you will be far ahead of the average person in terms of your chances for success in your business!

It’s all about taking action.

When I think about the success I’ve had, I realize that it is because I have a bias toward action that I’ve achieved anything in life.

Remember the old saying about there being three types of people in life:

1. Those who watch things happen

2. Those who make things happen and

3. Those who wonder: “What happened?”

Well, action alone is no good unless you have a clear direction and a vision for what you want to accomplish.

So, aligning your actions with a solid game plan and the proper attitude about your business, you will begin to see some incredible results!


Dave’s 10 Home Based Business Success Secrets

I want to give you ten success secrets that will help you build an awesome mindset, attitude and business this year and beyond.

These are secrets that I have gained through years of experience and years of studying success in business!


Let’s begin:

1. Create a healthy attitude toward wealth!

Successful people believe that wealth is not a limited resource.

They actually know that wealth is an unlimited resource and that there is all kinds of wealth to go around!

Dave’s 10 Home Based Business Success SecretsThey have an abundance mentality that says, “Someone else does not have to lose in order for me to win”.

Unsuccessful people believe that wealth is a zero-sum game – they believe that if one person makes a lot of money, that person is automatically taking money away from the rest of us.

Obviously, nothing could be further from the truth, but you would be amazed how many people actually believe this!


2. Enjoy And Love The Fact That You Are An Entrepreneur

You know, it’s kind of sad that entrepreneurs and business people are often portrayed in the movies and on T.V. as the “greedy, crooked, bad guys” who will do anything for money.

The reality is that most entrepreneurs know that in order to succeed in business, they must serve people and do a great job at it or they will not stay in business very long!

The other interesting thing about being an entrepreneur is that it can be a very lonely life; very few people can relate to you because they live in a different world!

They live in the world of the 9 to 5er… They live in the “wage-slave” mentality and it is radically different from the entrepreneur mentality!

You need to be PROUD of being a business person and providing a value to society!


3. Build In Yourself Tremendous Courage Against The Odds

As an entrepreneur, you are by nature a courageous person!

You take calculated risks in order to succeed.

You fight the odds every day – and win.

You eat, live and breathe your business, because no one else will!

So, work daily to build your courage and to build the will to win… You do this by feeding your mind great, positive and encouraging stuff: positive CDs, positive books and positive information about other successful entrepreneurs!

4. Have A Vision For Your Near-Term And Long-Term Future

If there’s one thing entrepreneurs have, it is vision.

They have the ability to see the future before they manifest it.

They can see clearly their goals and the steps necessary to reach those goals.

Don’t ever lose your vision and your goal-setting processes; these are the keys to making you a success!

5. Be Action-Oriented

If there’s anything that I can credit some of my success to, it is that I am action-oriented. I’ve always had a bias toward taking action – even if it’s the wrong action – even wrong actions can get you closer to your goals than no action!

Do not be intimidated by large goals or by large dreams.

Know that you can do them, if you take them one step at a time!

Break down each goal into its smaller steps and you will begin to see yourself winning!

Jump on opportunities, if they feel right – take action, it is a great vaccine against the “paralysis of analysis”!

6. Successful Entrepreneurs Want To Be Somebody

You want to be somebody for what it turns you into, not necessarily for what it looks like to those around you.

You are a leader because you are internally driven and do not care what other people think about you – you are sure of your direction in life while most people are not.

You learn how to succeed in spite of your shortcomings – it’s what successful entrepreneurs do!

7. Be Certain About The Good You Are Doing For Society

Here’s a simple entrepreneurs formula: The more people you benefit, the more money you will make!

As a successful eBay seller, you are putting people in touch with products that they are searching for.

Your ability to do this in a smooth, safe and efficient manner will benefit that person.

The more people you benefit, the more money you will make!

This principle applies even more to other businesses you may undertake – no business lasts very long if they are not serving their customers!!

8. Finish What You Start!

If you’ve decided that you want to start a home based business, then I recommend that you finish what you started and become the successful home based entrepreneur you envisioned when you laid out that goal.

Successful entrepreneurs take action and they don’t stop there – they continue taking action!

They are not easily intimidated or discouraged; they keep going and going and going after their goals!!

9. Have Integrity And Do What’s Right – Because It’s Right!

Here’s another wealth principle: Long-term business success will only come to those who have high integrity and do not cheat people.

The history books are littered with people who cut corners and cheated people or bent the rules in their favor and crashed and burned as a result.

Even if you are not a religious person, it is important to understand that doing what’s right is the best thing to do in business simply because it is good business to do so.

Doing what’s right will keep you in business while others simply die on the vine.

10. Achievers Make NO EXCUSES!

An achiever knows it is going to take action – and lots of it – in order to make it in business.

They know, going in, that building a business may not be an easy walk in the park, but they dedicate themselves, plan their work and then work their plan.

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do in business is to stay disciplined and do what you know you need to do!

As an achiever, you will work when others quit, you will take action while others rest and you will never, ever quit!

Dave Espino’s Gameplan For Storage Auction Success

Dave Espino’s Gameplan For Storage Auction SuccessStorage auctions have been a huge hit on TV lately. (with the A&E show, Storage Wars racking up over 3.8 million viewers. And now there are two more TV shows about Storage Unit Auctions – Auction Hunters and Storage Hunters.)

But as much fun as it seems (and it is!) to bid on and buy a storage unit, you’ve got to understand that, in order to do it right, you have to be prepared to sell a mass amount of “stuff” – stuff of all kinds!

Now, in the old days, the storage auction buyer was limited because (unless they owned a store) they could only take the stuff to a swap meet or conduct a yard sale in their front yard.

But today, with eBay, Amazon and Craigslist, the opportunities to mass-sell items have never been better!

So, allow me to list some of the steps I would take if I wanted to really build this side of my eBay business to a high level.

(I believe you will find these steps to be instructive – whether you decide to follow them or not)

  1. I would post advertisements at local colleges for a part-time “eBay Apprentice”. I would interview and eventually hire two people for this job. Their job would be to photograph, list, ship and handle customer service for my Storage Unit resale business. In essence, I would train them to do everything I would normally do to sell a ton of these items on eBay / Craigslist and, in the meantime, they will be learning the business while acquiring an awesome new money-making skill!
  1. I would have cleared out my warehouse and gotten it ready for a maximum flow of items and merchandise that would be coming in and going out of this location.
  1. I would also invest in two new computers to be used by my new “eBay listers” to do their work.

You see, when the work of finding a never-ending supply of products to sell is not a challenge anymore, it is then very easy to duplicate yourself by training a college student to do the listing and shipping for you!

The idea here is that I will now be able to do the “easy” and “fun” part of the Storage Auction resale business and will have someone else do the listings and shipping!

If you have ever purchased a Storage Unit, then you know how much fun it can be.

First, you have the adrenaline rush of bidding on and winning the contents of the Storage Unit, usually in a live auction conducted by a licensed auctioneer.

Then, once you win the auction and the contents of the unit are all yours, you now have the incredible fun of searching the unit to see what types of goodies are in there!

You will find things that are obvious money-makers, right off the bat.

Then, you will also find things that appeal to you and items you want but have never purchased.

You will also find more common, household items that will still sell on eBay at decent amounts and then, of course, you may also find a percentage of the stuff that you will just have to donate to Goodwill or throw away.

(This is the fun part for me, searching through a roomful of goodies and sifting the money makers from the rest of the stuff.)

It is such an interesting and exciting part of the business – I hope you can get a taste of it for yourself!
Hold Everything!

In any case, here’s an important point I want to make…

I only give you my example of how I will tackle the storage auction business as a way to help you think about the potential of this business model!

It is important for you to see how YOU can implement this business model as a beginner and not get turned off by how a seasoned eBay seller is doing it.

The awesome thing about Storage Unit Auctions is that you can play the game at whatever level you wish!

You can buy smaller storage units for between $5 and $100 and turn that investment into more money, thus building your “investment kitty” up with consecutive purchases. (and growing your business little by little!)

For example, one of the storage units I bought was a small unit that I paid $125 for.

In that unit, I found vinyl records, (in that group there was one rare one which sold for $125) wheels for a BMW, vintage Credit Cards (also collectible) and more. I ended up selling the contents for $625. So, you really can start off with just a little over 100 bucks!

If you do not have a place to store the stuff that you buy, often you can just rent the same storage unit directly from the Storage company, right on the spot and this way you do not have to move any of the items – in many cases, you could literally sell some of the larger items directly from the Storage Unit! (check with your storage facility to see if they allow this – not all do)


Don’t have the resources to hire someone? How about hiring an intern?

Many young people will work for the experience and the ability to put that work experience on a resume. It’s a great way for them to get started in life and to build up their resume!

You could also hire a high school or college student on a commission basis – in this case, they would get a percentage of everything they sell on eBay for you!

You can try a 20%, 30% or even 40% commission, depending on how generous you feel.

In this way, you only pay that person when an item actually sells and when you actually receive the money, so the money you pay comes straight out of the profits you make!

There are a lot of ways to approach this business and most of them do not cost money to do so.

I just want to encourage you to try this approach.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, (I know, I know, I’m always talking about Storage Auctions) I only recommend this source as my favorite source because I know it has the greatest potential of all the approaches that I’ve personally tried.

If you’d like to learn more about Storage Auctions, you should definitely check out my new video course.

It’s called “Insider Secrets To Making Money With Storage Auctions” and you can find it by clicking here.