Amazo-X review – $400,000 A Month FBA “Mystery Man” Reveals His Secrets – Amazo-X review

It’s no mystery that you can make a killing with Amazon FBA.

The huge benefit of Amazon FBA is that you let Amazon do the picking, packing and shipping FOR YOU, so you save TONS of time that you can devote to product sourcing.

But there are still some problems with the business model.

Many people involved in Retail Arbitrage (RA) or Online Arbitrage (OA) find themselves on the Amazon FBA “hamster wheel”, having to perpetually “feed the beast”by going out every week (sometimes every day) to continually buy more and more product to keep their business afloat.

Well, what if you no longer had to “feed the beast”?

What if you could do your business from the comfort of your own home and never have to worry about product sourcing again?

What if you could run a $400,000 a month Amazon FBA business that required:




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That’s what you get with Amazo-X, a brand-new Amazon FBA training that just launched and is taught by a $400,000 a MONTH, mystery man.

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I’ve had a chance to review this program (pre-launch) and it shows you a POWERFUL STRATEGY that anyone can use to begin building the Amazon FBA business of your dreams.

In the 5 included videos, (roughly 45 minutes of video training) you learn the incredible strategy and also learn about some powerful tools you can use to make that strategy work even better.

You’ll learn exactly what to do, how to do it and why and you’ll be able to make it happen for yourself. (I can’t give away too much here, it’s all in the video trainings)

NOTE: If you are already making six figures a year (profit) with Amazon FBA, then don’t go for the additional “one time offers”, but if you haven’t yet made your goals, then you will probably want to take a serious look at the additional offers, because they will add so much to your training and ability to grow this business.

I can say, after reviewing this product that it truly shows you how to build an Amazon FBA business of your dreams; one with zero financial risk, zero need to spin your wheels doing retail or online arbitrage and zero investment!

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Winning the Storage Wars – How to Use My “Pyramid of Value” to Make Money with Storage Auctions

Hi, this is Dave Espino with and in today’s storage auction tip of the day, I want to share with you what I call my “Pyramid of Value” concept. The pyramid of value concept is really simple.

Let’s say you just bought a storage unit and you’re very excited to dig through all the boxes, dig through the storage unit to find all the stuff that you bought. Now, what you want to do is you want to sort those items based on what I call my Pyramid of Value.

And the reason I called it a pyramid is because at the very top you’ve got the high value antiques and collectibles. (And usually there are less of those than everything else, right?) But those are the high value items that you want to set aside very carefully, maybe do some research on them and then determine where’s the best place to sell those items to squeeze the most profit out of them.

That’s where you’re going to make probably the lion’s share of your profit – is at the very top of the pyramid.

Now the second place is collectibles, maybe they’re not as high value collectibles and items that are brand new in-the-box. Items that are brand new or in the box are awesome because there are particular ways you can sell these brand new items very, very easily without having to take a lot of your time. It’s almost remote control profits – it’s so awesome to sell these brand new items in the box. So that’s your second level of the pyramid.

The third level of the pyramid is larger, high-value items and larger, high-value collectibles. I’m talking about things like antique furniture. These are items that are a little bit bulkier, a little harder to move but they still retain really good value.

So, those items you want to sell in a completely different venue than the other two levels in the pyramid. You see what I’m saying? Because you’re going to use a completely different marketplace and and even a different way to sell those items.

The fourth level is large, common household items. Were talking about a stove, were talking about a refrigerator, things like that are large common household items. They’re sellable, but they’re bulky. So there’s a whole different place and a whole different way to sell those items so that you reduce the amount of effort that you have to use in turning those into a profit and so that you sell them quickly.

And then there’s another level in the pyramid (towards the bottom) and that is: common items that are worth fifteen dollars or more. Common items that are worth fifteen dollars or more are sold in a different marketplace altogether and we need to be aware that this is a good marketplace for these types of items.

Then, at the very bottom of the pyramid you’ve got common items that are worth fifteen dollars or less. Now these are kind of the “bottom-of-the-barrel” items, but you’ll be amazed at how many of these items are going to still make you money that will add to your overall profit in the value pyramid.

So, that’s my Pyramid of Value concept! Now, in every one of these levels there is a right place and a wrong place to sell these items. To squeeze the most out of those items and get the most out of that storage unit for yourself. And I’ll teach you all these things in my video training called ‘Insider Secrets to Making Money with Storage Auctions.’

I mean, I go into full blown detail on the absolute best places to sell every type of item that you might find in a storage unit, to squeeze the most money out of those items because it’s not just about spending as little as possible on that storage unit, it’s also about getting as much as possible out of that storage unit!

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Win the Storage Wars – The “Magical Transformation” When You Win A GREAT Storage Unit!

Hi this is Dave Espino with and in today’s “storage auction tip of the day” I want to talk about the magical transformation that happens as soon as you buy a winning storage unit. You know, it has happened so many times I’ll invest a few hundred bucks – maybe two hundred dollars to buy a storage unit that’s worth three or four thousand dollars!

And that’s the magical transformation; the fact that you were able to buy thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, for just a few hundred dollars. You were able to buy merchandise for only a hundred dollars. Suddenly you’re three or four thousand dollars richer!

Now, you can literally take that merchandise and flip it on eBay or flip it on Amazon and make money immediately. You can make money the same day!

As soon as you get that storage unit and possession of that storage unit you are able to take that stuff and flip it and sell it. So, the initial minimal risk that you take for a few hundred dollars to actually buy that storage unit is returned to you very quickly, if you know what you’re doing.

So, that’s today’s storage auction tip of the day. I just wanted to share with you that it’s so awesome to be able to turn two hundred dollars, three hundred dollars and to make thousands of dollars and you can flip that stuff very quickly.

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Win the Storage Wars – Does This Ninja Secret Let You PREDICT What’s Inside A Storage Unit?

Hey! This is Dave Espino with and I have a few questions for you today. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find out what type of person rented a storage unit before you went to that auction to bid on that unit?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could predict what was inside the storage unit based on just a little bit of previous knowledge?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you knew that a unit could possibly contain business inventory? Imagine knowing about tons and tons of brand new merchandise (before they even opened the door) and if you knew this ahead of time – before going into the auction?

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what type of merchandise you’re likely to find, based on some clues that you knew about ahead of time?

Well, there IS a way to do all of this!

It almost feels like you’re psychic because you can know ahead of time, before you go to the auction, what you’re likely to find in that storage unit. It’s awesome!

It’s a ninja strategy that I teach in my new course called “Insider Secrets To Making Money With Storage Auctions” and you can find the course at

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Be sure to check out this video course because I go “A to Z” on how to make money with storage auctions.

I mean we break every single aspect of it down…

  • How to make money with storage auctions.
  • How to squeeze the most out of your storage auction purchase.
  • How to pay the least amount possible.
  • How to develop a great bidding strategy.

The bottom line is: how to WIN at storage unit auctions.

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How to Find Storage Auctions – Storage Auctions in Your City

Hey, this is Dave Espino with storage auctions training and I want to share with you one of the questions that people ask the most about storage auctions and that is, “How can I find these storage auctions in my area” or “where do I find these storage auctions in my area?”

So I want to give you a couple of answers today. There are even more answers in my training course but I do want to share some of the answers that we have here today.

I subscribe to a publication called Storage Auction News. Now, storage auction news has been around forever. In fact, I’ve been a subscriber there for 11 years now. And what they do is they have this pink sheet (actually several sheets) that is mailed out to you and it’s Storage Auction News, it will literally tell you all the storage auctions happening in your area. The one I subscribe to happens to be for Southern California and as you can see here, this is tomorrow’s auctions, starting Wednesday all the way through to here, almost the entire page – all happening tomorrow in one day.

So that shows how many storage auctions are happening right now in the Southern California area. We’ve circled a couple here, we’ve circled Laguna Niguel, San Clemente, Costa Mesa, Laguna Hills, there’s an auction in Burbank we might check out. There’s Aliso Viejo, Laguna Woods, Laguna Hills and then there’s some down near Santa Monica and Venice and there’s Irvine, Lake Forest and Santa Monica. You’ve got a good range and some of these are the ones that we’re going to.

What we do is we create an itinerary and follow from one city to the next city.

Now, at each one of these facilities, there can be anywhere from 1 to 22 units being auctioned off – or even more depending on the facility – so that creates huge opportunity for you to be able to attend storage auctions on a constant basis. So that’s one way that you can actually find about them.

This sheet is actually only for Southern California auctions. They also have a Northern California option.

Now, in the old days, it was difficult to find out where the storage auctions were. You’d have to get out the Yellow Pages book. Then, you’d have to call all your local self-storage facilities in the area. And it was kind of difficult. It was a lot of manual labor, just labor intensive.

Nowadays, I’ve developed about eight different ways that you could find storage auctions in your local area – in my “Insider Secrets to Making Money with Storage Auctions” new video course.

My new video course has four and a half hours of training on how to make money with storage auctions. Everything from profiling units, everything from what to look for in the units, everything from how to buy low and sell for the absolute highest amount of money is all included in my video training.

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I wish you tons of success in your storage auction adventure!

Storage Wars TV Show – Can You Really Make Money With Storage Auctions?

Often, when watching a reality TV show, you have to wonder how much of it is “real” and how much of it is scripted.

The new Storage Wars TV show (on A & E) is one of those that has a lot of people wondering.

It seems a little hard to believe that you could find so many exciting treasures that are worth so much money in a simple, abandoned storage unit.

But you know what? I’ve been buying at storage auctions for almost 9 years now and I’ve found my share of high profit collectibles, too!

In fact, just the other day I sold an unused ticket to the 1962 Rose Bowl game that I had acquired in a storage auction a few years ago and never sold. I dug up a few more items from storage unit auctions I had bought in the past and listed them. I was shocked when this one ticket sold for over $180! (I had already made $4,100 on all the other things out of that unit back then, so this item was just “gravy”! Storage unit auctions are the gift that keep on giving!)Because of storage auctions, I’ve turned a $350 unit into $4,400 by flipping the items on eBay and craigslist.

In my very first storage auction, I turned a $700 unit into $5,000 by flipping the items.

I’ve found a motorcycle frame that I got $400 for.

In one storage unit auction, I found cash (coins and bills) from various countries.

I’ve found all kinds of rare and collectible items:

  • Vintage Coca Cola machine
  • Rare political memorabilia
  • Proof Sets (coins)
  • Large high-end aquarium
  • Volkswagen Bus (paid $300)
  • First Edition Books (sold for $2,200)
  • Etc.

So, when I watch a TV show like Storage Wars, I am not only entertained, but I am also taking notes – for the next time I go to a storage auction!

And I can assure you that the kinds of deals they are making are real.

Does this mean that every storage unit will contain a room full of valuable treasures? Of course not! But if you know what to look for, you can definitely tip the odds of making GREAT MONEY in your favor!

I skip past most of the units I see – most units are full of junk and of course, these wouldn’t make for very exciting TV, now would they?

You really have to know what you’re looking for if you plan to do any kind of storage auction hunting.

I believe that storage unit auctions are the last great treasure hunt for eBay sellers and recently, I produced a brand new video training all about making money with storage auctions. It goes into detail on how the storage auctions work, what to look for and how to make sure these storage auctions are profitable for you.

My brand-new video course is called “Insider Secrets To Making Money With Storage Auctions” and it is an “A to Z” MASTER COURSE on how to make money with storage unit auctions!

Dave Espino's "Insider Secrets To Making Money With Storage Auctions"

As I write this, I just made another $3,400 this weekend – all with collectibles that I acquired using these exact strategies – so I can guarantee that these are proven strategies that really work – they have worked for me for 11 years and I KNOW they will work for you!

You know, there is a crop of new TV shows that have exploded in popularity this year:

  • American Pickers
  • Pawn Stars
  • Storage Wars
  • Auction Hunters
  • Auction Kings
  • Auctioneers
  • Cash & Cari

All of these new shows have something in common: they all showcase the huge profits that can be made with collectibles!

In my new video training, I will show you exactly how I do it – how I make as much as $15,000 a month in the collectibles world by finding collectibles in storage auctions and flip them on eBay!

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Storage Wars Review – Can You Make Big Money With Storage Auctions?

Storage Wars, (the new reality-show about four modern-day treasure hunters who buy the contents of abandoned storage units at auction) made it’s debut last night on A & E and I was impressed by how the TV show portrayed the storage auction business.

Although Storage Wars is a 30-minute show, (just like its competitor “Auction Hunters” on Spike TV) the debut show seemed to pack more quality content into those 30 minutes than Auction Hunters does.

I’ve been buying storage units for about 11 years now and I like the way Storage Wars shows people actually working – emptying out storage units, moving large furniture, sorting through things to find the valuable items, etc.

It also shows that to be in “the game” in a serious way – to make the really big money – you need to be set up in assembly-line fashion to be able to process the sheer volume of stuff you’re going to get when you win a few of these auctions!

Storage Wars is a more diversified show, too. It showcases 4 different people who are involved in the storage auction “game” and really has a chance to show the different personalities of each.

This is a good thing because it allows for the audience to relate to these treasure hunters in a variety of different ways.

In this debut episode, we get to meet the individual players and see their bidding strategy, how they bid (or don’t) and also learn a little bit about their colorful personalities. One of the treasure hunters, Darrell Sheets, shares his story of buying a unit that contained over a hundred thousand dollars worth of comic books. If you’re watching closely, you will also pick up some great storage auction tips and tricks from the top dogs themselves!

Dan Dotson, the auctioneer, (whose wife Laura is also in the show) is an affable guy who won’t hesitate to tell you about the many storage units he’s found (or that he’s heard of) and the many treasures that lie there, waiting for someone to bid on them and re-discover them.

I’ve actually met Dan and had a chance to speak with him at a few of the auctions I attended in Southern California early on and can vouch for him – he’s a really nice guy.

So, as much as I like Auction Hunters (I really like the excitement of the great finds and the personalities of Allan and Ton) I am going to have to say that Storage Wars is a better show because it has a little more variety and also shows more of the reality of the storage auction game.

It shows people winning at storage auctions and people losing at storage auctions and that’s a heck of a lot more realistic than only showing the “wins”.

Even though Auction Hunters clearly describes the fact that they are showcasing some of the duo’s best finds, in light of the Storage Wars show, because it only shows the wins, it seems just a little more contrived than Storage Wars.

Either way, I am excited to see ALL of these modern-day treasure hunters being portrayed on TV – I’ve always thought of storage unit auctions as one of the last great treasure hunts available to eBay sellers and now it’s being shown on TV.

By the way, if watching these shows has gotten your treasure hunting adrenaline going, be sure to check out my new storage auctions video course called “Insider Secrets To Making Money With Storage Auctions”.

Dave Espino's "Insider Secrets To Making Money With Storage Auctions"

In it, I show you a step by step gameplan for success and show you exactly how to make money with Storage Auctions as well as several other exciting strategies!

Pawn Stars TV Show & Cast Are A Huge Hit – Pawn Stars Review

Pawn Stars has been a hit on History Channel for three seasons now and the cast is an entertaining bunch of characters.

This is a serious case of “truth being stranger than fiction”… You couldn’t cast a more entertaining and fun-loving crew if you tried!

The items that are brought in are exciting and there is also a cool educational factor to it as we learn of the origin and history of the items that are brought in.

I believe the reason the Pawn Stars TV show is a hit is a combination of factors.

While at first glance it may seem that it’s just a cable TV show about a pawn shop, there are so many different things going on under the surface that bear mentioning.

  1. The good-natured personalities that make up the main Pawn Stars cast and the hilarious exploits they get into.
  2. The items that are brought in have their own “personality”, history and provenance – for those who are not as interested in the personalities of the Pawn Stars cast, the items themselves lend themselves to a flight of imagination – imagining what you would do if you owned a rare or valuable item.
  3. The various experts that are called on to give their experienced opinion on the rare items that are brought in. This keeps the show interesting for those who aren’t as enamored of the Pawn Stars cast.
  4. The back and forth negotiation between Rick Harrison, the Old Man or Big Hoss and the person who brought an item in to sell or pawn. This is actually an excellent lesson in the skills of negotiation. As you can see in each episode, the negotiation follows a specific pattern and you can see it happen over and over again so you are actually learning to negotiate as you watch the show.
  5. The field trips that are taken to test out a gun, drive a 4 x 4 in the desert or look at a collection. This makes for a good break from the Pawn Shop antics!
  6. Chumlee could be a TV show all by himself!

As you watch the show, there always seem to be surprising ad lib moments of hilarity – the guys seem to be having fun even in those moments when things get tense and anxious.

You get the sense that there’s nothing these guys would rather be doing than making deals and counting money!

Here’s the Pawn Stars Episode Giude:

Gold and Silver Pawn – Pawn Stars Website:

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Auction Hunters Debut – Make Money With Storage Auctions? Oh Yeah!

The new show Auction Hunters debuted on Spike TV on Tuesday.

The show follows two Auction Hunters, Allen and “Ton” through their adventures in buying storage units at auction. (Most state laws require that the contents of abandoned storage units be auctioned off – usually according to State lien sale laws)

I’ve been teaching about (and buying) storage auctions for about 11 years, so it was a lot of fun to see this modern-day treasure hunting technique explained and showcased.

(Most of the people who buy storage auctions for a living are not happy about this show. The storage auction “buyers community” is a tight-knit group and they do not like competition – or new blood coming in to possibly “steal” their units)

In this debut episode, the auction hunters end up going to a Los Angeles storage unit auction that is indoors.

Allen says that, when items are stored in a “climate-controlled” facility it means that the people cared more for their items than if they were stored in a traditional outdoor facility.

One of the units being auctioned had its items all shrink-wrapped. Allen said that this could mean those items were professionally moved and if the people paid for professional movers, then the stuff could be good.

The other comment was “Shrink wrapped items are WORTH being shrink wrapped”.

So the pair begin to strategize about how much they are willing to pay. The key, they say, is to determine your top price and never veer from that.

When I go to storage auctions, I do the same thing. I size up the value of the items that I CAN see and divide that dollar number in half.

I don’t ever go above that number (since you can really only bid on what you can see, anything else is pure speculation) and the bottom line is, this should never be seen as gambling… it’s a business.

At this Los Angeles location, the Auction Hunters spot 8 heavy duty sewing machines which they estimate to be worth about $300 each. So they bid on that unit and win it at $1,150.

The shrink wrap unit ends up being theirs for $850.

In the end, they end up selling several items for a total of $5,850 (on an investment of $2,025) for a profit of $3,825.

While that’s not a bad profit, (188%) I like to aim for higher percentage profits.

How do I do it? Simple, I don’t buy as many units and I am very careful with the units I do bid on. Sometimes I will go to a whole day of storage auctions without buying a unit because they just don’t have the value that I’m looking for.

When looking at the unit, something has to grab me to make a bid or I just walk away.

I teach you a lot more about my strategies for making money with storage auctions in my new Storage Auctions Video Course located here:

Auction Hunters – How To Make Money With Storage Unit Auctions

The second episode of Auction Hunters (on Spike TV, Tuesdays at 10 pm PST) showed Allen and Ton driving to San Bernardino.

Once again, the show takes a fun, yet educational approach to storage unit auctions by defining some of the lingo used in storage unit auctions and again showing the cool goodies that the Auction Hunters are able to buy.

On the way to the unit, they talk about how it’s a good idea to go to storage auctions in older communities because it increases the chances of landing some older things.

Another good point is made when a room is opened up and the items are neatly stacked and cleanly positioned in the unit. Allen says that these units show more promise because the people took great care in placing the items in the unit as opposed to units that have items haphazardly “thrown in”.

In one of the units, the Auction Hunters see military bags – Khaki green bags – and see this as a clue that a military person owned the abandoned unit. The further insinuation from this clue is that military people travel and therefore there could possibly be items from around the world.

This points out one key point about sizing up storage unit auctions – you have to think like a detective and look for clues wherever you can find them – and, you have to do this in a matter of a minute or two because that’s really all the time you have to look at the unit before the bidding starts!

The “military bag unit” is purchased for $375 and the estimated value of the items in it is $825. (the items include some Morgan silver dollars, an antique “Pepperbox” gun and some antique handcuffs)

Then the guys go to the next unit which they call the “Salon unit” because it contains professional hair dryers.

In this unit, they determine that one of the bidders is a “whale” a bidder with a lot of money who will stop at nothing to win the bid. (I’ve seen this guy at some of the storage auctions I’ve attended in the L.A. area and he’s no whale, he’s just a guy who wanted the unit)

Once deciding on their highest bid, they decide to “drop the room on him”, which in storage unit lingo means bid it up high so that the “whale” spends all his money and can’t come back and bid again on another unit that day.

(I don’t really see the logic in this – the so-called whale can obviously back off whenever he feels like it)

So they go to the next unit and find a unit that no one wants to bid on.

It has only a few items in it and the items do not look like they have much value, but on a hunch, Allen decides to bid $1 and gets it.

They end up turning $1 into $365 because there are some old Lionel Trains and a Christmas tree in there that add up to some decent money.

This show is a lot of fun to watch and goes to show that, if you do it right, storage unit auctions can be a good way to make some money!

If you want to learn how to make money with storage unit auctions with my eBay video training, be sure to CLICK HERE.