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How You Can Make Money Online

By Dave Espino | October 2, 2018 | Comments Off on How You Can Make Money Online

Hey this is Dave Espino, and today I wanted to talk about how you can make money online. Now I'm first going to talk about general ways you could, and then I'm going to give you my favorite way to make money online.

First of all the way you make money online is you match up an audience or a target market that's interested in a product with a product. That's the very simple way of doing it. Now, an audience can come from a Facebook group, an email list, from people you know already, from buying advertising, either Facebook ads or Google ads or other types of ads, or from a website that you set up or a blog that you set up and you bring traffic through. There are audiences everywhere.

Google can come from many different ways, right? The product can be a product that you either create, you're able to buy wholesale to resale, or you become an affiliate of that product. Being an affiliate means that you get paid a commission for referring buyers to that product. So in very plain terms the way you make money online is you match up a hungry audience with a perfect product for them.

But How Do You Match Audiences and Products?

We call that message to market match. Your message, in other words the product that you're selling, should match your market perfectly with the audience. And now you've got the result, which is sales income, revenue. Right now, there are many different ways to do this. You could be an Amazon seller. You could sell your product on Amazon and Amazon already has the audience, and so that audience will find your product and they'll buy it. You could either create your own product, that's called private labeling a product, or you can buy the product from a wholesaler and sell it on Amazon right now.

That's one way to do it. You could also sell a Kindle ebook that you wrote yourself. Amazon already has a Kindle audience. You publish your ebook on the Kindle marketplace, they find your book, and they buy your book. Now there isn't a whole lot of profit in that unless you do a really amazing job of writing or you have a series of books that captivates people's attention.

The Best Way I’ve Found to Make a Money Online

The way I prefer, the best way that I found to make money online is to create an online course about a topic that people need help with. People need help with all kinds of topics. They need help with doing things better, doing things faster, doing things cheaper. They need help with life challenges, like how they got out of depression or how to fix things or how to manage their home better, or how to organize things.

They need help with technical things like things from work, how to do excel spreadsheets, or how to do Photoshop or things like that. Everybody needs help, and nowadays people are flocking to online courses for that help.

It's a $325 billion dollar industry in the next 7 years, so that's my ultimate favorite business. I call it the world's most perfect business because it really is an amazing opportunity to publish your course either on a marketplace that already has an audience or on your own self hosted platform. If you're interested in the online course business, be sure to follow my content and be on the lookout for my Fast Start Guide for online courses. I’ll be posting that soon, and I look forward to seeing you next time.

“I Need An Income” – How A Stay At Home Parent Can Make Money

By Dave Espino | September 30, 2018 | Comments Off on “I Need An Income” – How A Stay At Home Parent Can Make Money

Hey this is Dave Espino and today I'm wanted to talk about a question I heard recently, “I need an income now that I can stay at home as a dad, how could I make money? Would it be wise to build craft to sell?”

Now this question is important because a lot of people want to stay home with their kids, want to be able to take care of their kids and not have to work. 9 to 5 jobs can suck the life out of you. They can be very stressful. They can be time consuming. They're not always 9 to 5. Sometimes there are 9 to 6, 9 to 7, 9 to 8.

But How Do You Make Money Without a 9 to 5?

Having a work from home business is really an incredible lifestyle, and there are many ways now to do that. There are many ways because of the internet; because of sites like Amazon, and because of sites like you to

There are many different ways to make an income from home. The question was should I make crafts to sell?

Well if that's a business that you already do well at offline, then there's no reason why you can't take it online and sell those crafts on a website like or or even if you have a system to create them.

There’s Another Way

Another way to do it would be to create a course, an online course about the crafts that you sell. Perhaps creating an online course, showing how to make those crafts, would be a good seller.

So it really depends on the type of craft that you're making and how in demand it is. If it's a high demand craft, then you can do really well selling it on Etsy and Ebay.

You can take all your life skills, your life experience, your work skills, the talents that you have inherently and other things that you've accumulated over your lifetime and turn those into online courses.

Why is this the Greatest Business?

And in my opinion, that is one of the greatest businesses you can get into; the online course business. It's taking everything that's in your brain, packaging it up and putting it into a format where many, many people can buy it over and over and over again. You attach a sales funnel to this, that is a step by step process that people follow to buy your course, and now you've got the best of all worlds.

You've got the leverage of the automated sales process that selling your course, and then you've got the leverage of a prepackaged video. Of course, that can be sold over and over and over again. Now you've got what I call the world's most perfect business. I hope you liked this article. If you like the idea of creating and selling online courses that be sure to follow me for more content in the future. I'll see you next time.

How Much Time Should You Invest When Creating A Passive Income?

By Dave Espino | September 29, 2018 | Comments Off on How Much Time Should You Invest When Creating A Passive Income?

Hey welcome back, this is Dave Espino and today I want to discuss how much time you should invest when creating a passive income.

How Long it Takes Me

The quick answer is how many passive income streams do you want? Right? Because for me it takes me about 6 to 8 hours to create one online course and I use online courses to create passive income. Let's just say it takes me one full working day in the typical 9 to 5 model to create an online course.

Well I could hypothetically create a course every single day. Right now I don't do that because part of the work is creating the online course and then part of it is publishing the course and maybe doing a little bit of initial marketing to get the course launched. In general I could conceivably create at least an online course every week, and I've been on paces like that where I've actually done that.

In fact, one week I created five online courses. This was back in November of 2015 I believe, and it was amazing. It gave me a great income boost.

How Much Passive Income Do You Want?

So if you're in the online course business, the question should be “how many online income streams do I want?” Because really the sky's the limit. When you know how to create an online course that's like having your own superpower. You could create online courses about any kind of topic and you don't have to be an expert to do that. You could research out your course topic and create a course based on your research. You could create a beginner's course and create a course that only takes care of the newbies in that business, right? So you don't have to be this end all be all expert, or the world's leading authority on this topic.

That's not the case. All kinds of people can learn from you. Even if you create a beginner's course on a topic. Let me tell you some of the 60+ courses that I've created I was not an expert on, and yet people are getting tremendous value from these courses. They're giving my courses high ratings and they continue to buy my courses, and the reason is that it's a well put together and teaches them what I promised to teach them for that.

You don't have to be the world's leading authority. So back to the question, how much time should I dedicate to creating passive income? It really depends on how much passive income you want. Alright, so I hope you enjoyed this article and I'll see you next time.

How Can You Sell Courses Online?

By Dave Espino | September 27, 2018 | Comments Off on How Can You Sell Courses Online?

Welcome back, and today I wanted to talk about how you can sell courses online. There's so many different answers to this question, so let me kind of go through it with you and go through the different methods I've used in the past.

What Are Your Options?

First of all, the broad question is, how do I sell courses online? Well, there's two primary ways that you can do it. Number one is you can sell on and other similar online course marketplaces. You can actually take the same course that you publish on Udemy, which is the biggest online course marketplace at the moment, and you can take that same course and publish it on all these other marketplaces. That's a good strategy because now you're able to not only have the income from you to me, but also these other marketplaces.

It diversifies and spreads out your income, spreads out your risk, and it's a really good strategy. It's a strategy that I employed as well.

The second way that you can sell online courses is through your own sales funnel, through your own self hosted online course platform. Right now there are a couple of good platforms for that. One of them is called and the other one is called When you put your course on one of these platforms, it's different because it's not a marketplace. There's no competition, there's no other instructors, it's just your course landing page and you now have full responsibility to sell your course.

You Need This to Help Sell Your Course So in order to sell your course, then what you need is a sales funnel. The sales funnel is a simple series of steps that people will follow and then eventually land on your course landing page and buy your course. Understand that it takes about 6, 7, or 8 exposures to an ad before people decide to buy from you.

What you want to do is set up a series of either emails or communications or Messenger Bot messages that go out to your audience so that you slowly but surely warm them up to buying your course. Now that takes time. It takes time to set up, but once you set it up it's an automated system that continues to sell your courses day in and day out and that's awesome.

So you have the marketplace model and then you have the sales funnel model and in my opinion, the sales funnel model is far better.

How I Sell Courses and Use Sales Funnels

In my case, I have about 60 plus online courses. 52 of them are on the marketplaces like Udemy or these other marketplaces and 8 of them are self hosted. I actually make a lot more money, even as much as 10 times more, on myself hosted courses than I do in my marketplace courses.

And the reason for that is there's less competition; there's no competition. I get 100% of the revenue versus sharing the revenue, and I've set up an automated system to be able to market these courses at a much higher price point.

So when you combine a much higher price point with no competition and you don't have to revenue share at all with a marketplace, that has the makings for a highly profitable business.

Those are the two main ways that you can sell your online course. Now if you're asking about ways to market your online course, that's another question and I might answer that in another article, but let me tell you for now what I would do is I'd be looking for people who already have the audience. People that you want to sell your course to, find those people online and do a joint venture with them.

Set up an affiliate arrangement with them, make it so that they benefit from you offering your course to their audience. That's one of the easiest ways to do it is to set up an affiliate arrangement.

Split your revenue 50 / 50 with that person that owns the website, that owns the Facebook group, that has a Youtube channel that has your audience; the audience you're trying to target. Split the profits with them and you'd be amazed at how much money you can make and how quickly you can make it by bringing in an affiliate, somebody who has a vested financial interest in sharing their audience with you so that you can make sales very, very quickly.

If you're interested in the online course business be sure to follow my content. I'm putting together a Fast Start Guide, to give some tips and tricks to help you get started in the online course business. Be on the lookout for that link in a future article. All right, I hope you enjoyed this article and I'll see you next time.

What Are The Best Products To Sell Online?

By Joshuabraziel | September 27, 2018 | Comments Off on What Are The Best Products To Sell Online?

Hey this is Dave Espino, the InfoBoss, and today I wanted to talk to you about some of the best products you can sell online. Although I've sold all kinds of products online, I mean you name it I've probably sold it online, I have a particular favorite and that is digital products.

Why Are They My Favorite?

Now, digital products are amazing because you typically get 100% profit margin. That means everything that you sell that product for you get back in profit.

There is no cost to manufacturer or a digital product.

There's no cost to duplicate a digital product like there would be if you had DVD’s or CD’s.

So really 100% of that money is yours to keep. That's an amazing benefit of having a digital product. But then on top of that, the fact that you can create an automated sales system for your digital product while also creating a passive income, that's incredible.

Why Passive Income is Amazing

Now, if you've never experienced a passive income, let me tell you something. It's the greatest thing on earth. When you have passive income you can come and go as you please. You can do what you want, when you want, and you're still getting paid and that's amazing.

So the best digital product that I found, because there's all kinds of digital products out there, is to create an online course with your skills, your abilities, your knowledge, and your talents. Convert that into an online course that can be easily sold and resold and resold over and over again to people all over the world.

Now, if you're able to solve somebody's problem, then you can really have a very successful online course.

The Internet's an amazing thing when you use it, right? So my favorite product to sell online is a digital product. And my favorite type of digital product to sell online is an online course because you can not only make a great ongoing passive income, but you can also impact the world with your solution, your message, and things that you've overcome. And you can help people all around the world with those things as well.

If you like the idea of the online course business, be sure to follow me and check out my free ebook The World's Most Perfect Business. In this book I talk about the online course business, and why it is a great way to get a passive income. You can find my free book at I'll see you next time.

How Can You Sell Your Expertise Online as a Product?

By Dave Espino | September 25, 2018 | Comments Off on How Can You Sell Your Expertise Online as a Product?

Hey this is Dave Espino, the InfoBoss, and today I wanted to discuss how you can sell your expertise online as a product.

There are a lot of people selling their expertise online as a consultant, and if you sell your time as a consultant, you're still trading hours for dollars. Here at InfoBoss, we don't believe in trading hours for dollars.

We believe in passive income. That's where you do something once and you get paid over and over and over again. And that's amazing.

One Method of Selling Expertise (Without Trading Hours For Dollars)

Number one, the most common and oldest way to do it is to sell a book. Put all your expertise into a book, and sell that book either on Amazon or in the Kindle Marketplace. I got this book done by Createspace, which is an Amazon company. It allows you to create great professional quality books including a upc symbol, all that kind of thing.

That's one way to do it, but it's not the best way. Books have a certain perceived value, right about the most you're going to pay for a book is about $29.95 and that's if it's a really good book, or a really thick book with a lot of content or a very popular best selling book. But more likely you're going to be paying a $15, $20 for a book.

The Best Method of Selling Expertise in my Experience

So what's a better way to package up your expertise into a product? Online Courses. Online course can sell for anywhere from $47 all the way up to $1,500 for the right online course.

That is the ultimate way to package up your expertise, and sell it as a product. One way to package expertise is to add some consulting or some mentoring to your course, then you can kick it up into the $5,000 range.

I even have friends that have whole coaching packages that they sell for $50,000 and even $100,000. Now these are some incredibly high level marketers that can get that kind of money for their teaching, but even the average person can create a $997, $1,500, $2,000 coaching program where you work one on one or in a group coaching setting with your students and you help them achieve transformation.

That is the ultimate way to do it. If you don't want to do coaching, that's okay too, because you can just offer the course by itself for anywhere from $100 to $500, even a $1,000 for just the course materials by itself.

Just the video training, just that. And that can be an amazing business as well.

My Recommendation

So that's my recommendation for packaging up all your expertise, put it into a format that people will pay a lot for. You know they only pay so much for a book, but they'll pay a lot more for a comprehensive A to Z transformational course.

That's what you want to have is an online course. If you liked the online course business, please follow my content. If you're interested in getting into the online course business, I'm going to be releasing a link to a brand new online course fast start kit soon. It's going to give you tips, tricks, and resources to get you off to the best start in your online course business. So be on the lookout for that, and I'll see you next time.

3 HOT Tips for Teaching Online Courses

By Dave Espino | September 24, 2018 | Comments Off on 3 HOT Tips for Teaching Online Courses

This was Dave Espino, and I thought I'd talk to you about the world of online teaching. I've been teaching online for almost two decades, and I wanted to do something I'm asked about a lot which is giving some tips about online teaching.

Well One of the Tips I Would Give is Just Get Started

Don't hesitate, don't slow down. Don't, don't stop because of you. Stop. You lose momentum, and if you lose momentum, you go into a negative spiral.

So I would recommend just get started. And the second tip I would give is forget about perfectionism. Forget about getting the course just right. Perfect. 100 percent on your first course. When you're first doing your very first course, you want to just get it done. You want to get through the process so that you learn the process so you can come back the second time and be much stronger.

Why Perfectionism Can Hinder Success

So that would be my second tip is forget about perfectionism. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to get done which is important because so many people waste a lot of time. Thinking I've got to get this perfect, I've got to show my best side, it's gotta be just right; and the problem with that is that also stops you and gets you into a negative spiral.

Anytime you stall in creating your online course business, that's not a good thing. It'll not only stall you bit, it might slow you down and might even stop you. I've seen a lot of people get stopped completely with either perfectionism or just they never got started at all.

Make Sure You Have the Proper Tools

The third tip I would give is start off with a screen recording tool. Don't use a face to camera course like this. Do a screen recording course because those are a lot easier to do, a lot easier to create and there are a lot easier to edit so you can get a screen recording course done very, very quickly.

It's very, very easy to do so those are three tips I would give you if you're just getting started in the online course business. Now if you're just getting started, I'm in the process of creating a fast start starter kit just for you. It's for anyone who's just getting started with the online course business. I'm going to have that link for you when it's available, so be sure to check out my future posts soon. I’ll see you next time.